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a section of a Nature's Embrace mattress topper, uncovered
Close-up of a corner of a Nature's Embrace mattress topper, uncovered
a Nature's Embrace mattress topper, rolled up

Nature's Embrace - 3" Dunlop Organic Latex Topper

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Info: 3 Inch Thick Topper, with Choice of Cover

For those looking for a more natural latex mattress topper, this is the perfect choice. Made from Dunlop organic latex and covered with either just a 100% organic cotton cover (as shown in the third photo) or a quilted cover which blends organic cotton with wool (as shown on the bottom of this page), this topper is the organic latex answer for those who want to improve the comfort and support of their existing mattress.

Product Notes:

While the open cell structure of the organic Dunlop latex itself does create a cooler environment when compared to memory foam (which can be extremely hot), Aviva recommends also choosing one with wool quilted under the soft 100% cotton cover, as wool is amazing for stabilizing body temperature, capable of cooling down hot sleepers while warming up cool ones.

The average adult can actually perspires over a pint of water in eight hours, and usually the reason we move around in bed is either due to pressure points that affect circulation (which will happen much less with these toppers, since Dunlop latex reduces pressure points by up to 80% compared to beds with springs) or to find a dry spot in your bed. Wool's natural ability to adjust body temperature, while keeping you drier (wool naturally helps to absorb perspiration from the body, gradually releasing the moisture back into the room) contributes to the natural benefits of organic latex, providing the perfect sleep environment.

The drier environment created by the combination of certified organic cotton, certified organic Dunlop latex and pure virgin wool makes these toppers more hypoallergenic than ones made with synthetic chemical foams and flame retardants, since organic latex, cotton and virgin wool are resistant to bacterial growth and dust mites, which thrive in a moist environment.

Many beds are manufactured using springs (also called pocket coils) with only an inch or two of synthetic foam over the springs. When the synthetic foam starts to break down over time (synthetic foams are not long lasting), you end up feeling the springs, making the bed less comfortable and supportive.

The only reason springs or pocket coils are used in beds is that they are the least expensive method of taking up space. Aviva will not sell beds with springs (or pocket coils). We offer these amazing mattress toppers, which can renew the comfort and support of any bed, by adding a three inch thick layer of long lasting certified organic Dunlop latex.

Many people purchase beds using Talalay latex, which is a blend of 60% to 70% synthetic foam and 30% to 40% natural latex. Only Dunlop latex can truly be certified as organic. Dunlop latex contains no synthetic foams that can give off gas and break down over time. Aviva only sells beds and mattress toppers made of 100% Certified Organic Dunlop latex.

Naturally breathable, resilient, durable, and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew, these Nature's Embrace certified organic Dunlop mattress toppers are available with a certified organic cotton cover, or with a quilted one covered with certified organic unbleached cotton, and blended with several pounds of 100% pure virgin wool.

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Topper Composition:
Latex Foam: 3" GOLS certified* organic latex

Quilted Cover Fabric: Nature's Embrace custom organic.
Content: 100% organic cotton (OCS 100 certified)
Quilting: 100% pure virgin wool
* GOLS stands for "Global Organic Textile Standard," indicating this material has successfully undergone a certification process conducted by Control Union Certifications, which is based in The Netherlands.

The two initial product photos just show what the Dunlop latex interior looks like, without a cover, and the third shows what a topper looks like when it's rolled up (and they may all be of a two-inch rather than a 3-inch thick model). For an idea of what the quilted version with wool looks like, here is a photograph of a two-inch thick Nature's Embrace topper, sitting on top of a 10-inch thick covered mattress:
Exterior of Organic Dunlop Latex Mattress and Topper

Product Options:
Twin with 100% Organic Cotton Cover - $699.99
Twin XL with 100% Organic Cotton Cover - $749.99
Full/Double with 100% Organic Cotton Cover - $899.99
Queen with 100% Organic Cotton Cover - $1,099.99
King with 100% Organic Cotton Cover - $1,299.99
Twin w/ Quilted Wool & Cotton Cover - $849.99
Twin XL w/ Quilted Wool & Cotton Cover - $899.99
Full/Double w/ Quilted Wool & Cotton Cover - $1,149.99
Queen w/ Quilted Wool & Cotton Cover - $1,399.99
King w/ Quilted Wool & Cotton Cover - $1,599.99