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a standard and a free-standing Nature's Embrace Mattress Foundation
free-standing Foundation and mattress, in current cover style
free-standing Foundation & mattress in previous cover style

Nature's Embrace - Mattress Foundations

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Info: Available in 2 Sizes and Depths; Without Legs (Requires a Frame)

Available in-store only

When you buy your latex mattress, be sure to use it only with a foundation or platform bed designed to hold its weight. For those who prefer a mattress foundation rather than a platform, Aviva is pleased to offer Nature's Embrace foundations covered in pure virgin quilted wool with certified organic cotton.

Product Notes:

Mattress not included. These remaining ones are all non-free-standing models.  It is strongly recommended that they be placed on metal frames, such as the ones available through Aviva crafted by Julien Beaudoin.

For the queen-size model, you can choose here between the more standard 10-inch depth or height, and a low-profile 5-inch depth.


Composition of the Frame of the Foundation: Solid pine
Size & Composition of the Slats: 3/4" x 4-1/4" solid pine
Centre Support: Full length mid-rail with supports

Warranty: 5 year

Product Options:
Twin, Standard 10" Depth - $461.40
Twin XL, Standard 10" Depth - $473.40
Queen, 5" Depth (Low Profile) - $473.40
King 5" Depth (Low Profile) (comes as a pair of Twin XL) - $689.40