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Nature's Embrace - Tempo Organic Mattress (6" Firm)
Close-up of the surface of a Nature's Embrace Certified Organic Mattress

Nature's Embrace - Tempo Organic Mattress (6" Firm)

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Info: 6" Thick Organic Dunlop Latex; Available in 5 Sizes

The Tempo may be the most budget-conscious, "no-frills" version of Nature's Embrace organic latex mattresses, but you'll find a lot to love about them. Durable, anti-microbial, and resistant to dust mites, allergens, and molds, the Dunlop organic latex core provides very firm support, as well as the comfort of knowing it has been protected from the harsh and intrusive processes that characterize beds made with chemical foams, memory foams, or synthetic latex. Moreover, the certified organic cotton cover with PureEmbrace wool quilting ensures that what's on the outside of the mattress is as pure and natural as the organic latex on the inside.

Product Notes:

These beds are available in a 6" thickness, and have been given a Firm (8/10) rating by their manufacturer, indicating they are more suitable for back sleepers and stomach sleepers than for side sleepers. They can be modified as desired to become softer with wool or latex toppers of varying firmness.

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All Nature's Embrace Tempo mattresses come with a 25 year warranty (years 1 to 12 non prorated; years 13-25 prorated) subject to proper care and support. For further details and specifications, please contact the helpful staff at Aviva.

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Product Options:
Twin (38 x 75 inches) - $1,299.99
Twin XL (38 x 80 inches) - $1,399.99
Full / Double (54 x 75 inches) - $1,699.99
Queen (60 x 80 inches) - $1,999.99
King (76 x 80 inches) - $2,699.99