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Nia Pure Nature - Pure Qasil Powder

Nia Pure Nature - Pure Qasil Powder

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Nia Pure Qasil (Ziziphus) is 100% pure dried leaf powder from the Gob tree found in the wild of the northern region of Somalia. Due to its natural saponin content, Qasil becomes foamy and acts like a soap once it's mixed with water, which is why it has been used for centuries as a purifying cleanser, exfoliant, and firming mask by people in many desert regions. 

Product Notes:

This all-natural personal care product can be used as an effective cleanser or as an extremely gentle face and body scrub.

For a deeper harmonizing cleanse and conditioning, qasil can also be left on the skin for 20 minutes to dry as a facial mask, for oily, combination, or normal skin. Qasil leaves you with an enjoyable feeling of clean, smooth, and tight skin after each use.

Qasil Leaf Powder - Somali Face Mask

Somali Qasil is a powder made from the dried leaves of a thorny desert plant of Sudanese origin named Ziziphus spina-christi (or "Christ's thorn jujube," referring to the crown of thorns worn before the crucifixion), also called the Sidr (or Sedr), Nabq, or Gob Tree (although the latter sometimes refers to the closely related Ziziphus mauritiana).

The leaves of this tropical evergreen tree have antibacterial and antifungal properties (and so has been used for poultices for wounds), plus natural plant waxes (to help the leaves maintain moisture, and which can do the same for our skin or hair) plus a number of constituents with cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and/or antioxidant properties, including betulinic acid, various flavonoids, saponins, tannins and triterpenes. In addition to improving firmness and natural glow the benefits of using this as a cleanser, exfoliant, or facial mask may include clearing pimples and preventing wrinkles.

In addition to being used as a natural healing soap or a facial mask (sometimes alone, sometimes in combination with kaolin clay, or even turmeric), some regions have long been using it for the hair -- and many still recommend that, both as a safe, natural shampoo/conditioner that's effective for gently removing the sebum and making the hair thicker and shinier without damaging it or drying it out, and to protect it before going swimming.


100% Zizyphus spina christi Dried Leaf Powder

Suggested Usage:

To apply on its own, make it into a smooth, spreadable paste by mixing the powder with warm water in a small bowl, and allow it to thicken for about two minutes. For a facial treatment for one person, mix half of a teaspoon of the Nia Pure Qasil and 1 tablespoon of warm water.

To use as a gentle facial cleanser and exfoliator: Using your fingers, massage the paste onto your face, throat and décolleté. Follow a gentle circular motion to exfoliate the skin, and then rinse it off with warm water.

To use as a firming mask, for oily, combination or normal skin: Leave the paste on your skin to dry for 20 minutes.

Follow with a light moisturizer such as Nia Pure 100% Moringa Oil if needed (especially if you have dry skin).

This powder can also be incorporated into various other beauty pr personal care products or you can blend your own combinations.


Although the powder itself travels well and will keep indefinitely, once it has been hydrated into a paste, do not store any leftovers to reuse after, since it doesn't have any preservatives. It is best to only mix as much as needed each time. If you are allergic to latex, please do a patch test before using (there is a rare, but documented cross-sensitization between people who are allergic to latex and Zizyphus spina christi).