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Norpro - Spatula
orpro Mini Slotted, Mega and My Favourite Spatulas

Norpro - Spatula

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Info: Available in Two Types and Sizes

Norpro offers several types of useful and affordable cooking spatulas which vary in size and features, depending on your needs.

Product Notes:

The "My Favourite" model, which is made of durable black nylon with beveled edges to slide under the food for easy flipping (or off it, for serving), has quite a long, narrow head (5 x 2"), which may make it especially useful for sliding under pancakes, omelets, or other items which might be sticking, to ready them for flipping by one of the other models; it can also be used as a pizza slice server.

The other two Grip-EZ models are ergodynamically designed to fit well in any hand, and to be used by either left or right-handed people. They both have fairly short (6") handles, so they can fit in most any drawer (although all 4 types also have hanging loops).

The "Half" sized Spatula has a fairly large, quite strong head, and would be great for flipping eggs or pancakes, e.g., while the "Mini" model has three long slots for draining the cooking oil (or water, for poached eggs).

Further Specifications and Dimensions for each type:

My Favourite Spatula (shown on the right of the photo with three): Durable Nylon, 11" long (incl. handle), up to 2" wide; heat resistant up to 500F/260C

Grip-EZ Mini Slotted Spatula (shown at the left of the photo with three): 9.25" long; up to 2.5" wide: heat resistant up to 410F/210C

Grip EZ Half Spatula (shown in main photo): 9.75" long; up to 3.75" wide; heat resistant up to 410F/210C

Product Options:
My Favourite Spatula (narrow) - $4.99 - UPC: 028901000998
Grip-EZ Mini Slotted Spatula - $5.99 - UPC: 028901516956