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NOW - Lactose Powder

NOW - Lactose Powder

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Info: 454 g (1 lb.) Resealable Bag

As a natural sweetener, some home uses for lactose powder can include adding it to children's milk or a baby formula; or using it with almond milk to make yogurt (it will assist the fermentation process, and if you use the right amount, the bacteria will consume all the lactose so even if you are lactose intolerant you should still be able to eat it). It's even a probiotic: lactose supports the growth of beneficial gut bacteria such as acidophilus.

Product Notes:

Lactose has got a bit of a bad name since so many of us have more difficulty fully digesting it as adults, but until artificial milk formulas came along, it's actually the first carbohydrate all mammals ever consumed. Pretty much everyone knows it's found in milk, but they may not know it's just a natural sugar -- albeit only about 20% as sweet as ordinary table sugar.

Lactose has no real taste itself, and powders like this (which are generally made from the whey from cheesemaking) are often added to a variety of other powdered foods and even supplements not only as a filler but also because they can prevent them from caking up; or as a coating to prepared foods, to help them maintain their structure; or to frozen or canned foods, to prevent discoloration.


Pure Lactose (milk), extracted from sweet or sour whey.

Gluten-free; Nut-free, Kosher, non-GMO.


If symptoms of lactose intolerance such as abdominal gas or diarrhea occur, discontinue use.
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