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Box of NOW Pure Xylitol packets

NOW - Pure Xylitol Packets

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Info: 153 g (5.4 oz); 75 Packets

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that's naturally present in small amounts of a number of fruits and vegetables, and is even formed in our bodies every day as a result of normal metabolic processes. This Pure Xylitol is derived from a corn source. Although it's classified as a carbohydrate, it's absorbed quite slowly in the digestive tract and doesn't cause rapid rises in blood glucose, and has 40% fewer calories than sugar (by weight). First discovered in 1891, Xylitol has been safely used since the 1970s in candy and gum. Both dentists and nutritionists encourage its use due to its unique and clinically proven dental benefits: the bacteria in the mouth which cause cavities are unable to use this particular sugar alcohol to sustain themselves, making it a safe alternative for your sweet tooth.


Xylitol and Silica.

Suggested Usage:

Mix one packet with you coffee or tea, or sprinkle on foods. Contains 2 grams per packet; large doses (30-50 grams) may have a laxative effect.


Excessive consumption of Xylitol may have a laxative effect. If this occurs, reduce intake. Keep away from and do not feed to pets (especially dogs).
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