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Aviva - Nut Milk Bag

Aviva - Nut Milk Bag

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Info: 1 Nut Milk Bag

This fine mesh straining bag is perfect for making your own nut milk, juice, or sprout or seed milk. Made of nylon with double-stitched seams, this nutmilk bag is quite sturdy and stands up to repeated uses.

Product Notes:

Nut milk bag, opened up

This material works better than cheesecloth or hemp bags because it does not let pulp through or stretch out as organic materials do. It holds one gallon, which translates to a one quart capacity for the finished product.

Dimensions: Up to 24 cm (9-1/2") across, and 32 cm (over 12") tall, including the seams. Roughly rectangular-shaped, rounded at the bottom.

The drawstring may be slightly shorter than the example shown.

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