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OKO - Okopure Everyday Water Bottle

OKO - Okopure Everyday Water Bottle

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Info: 20 fl oz (590 ml) Refillable Bottle (for 40 uses)

Okopure refillable and recyclable water bottle features a high efficiency water filter, good for 40 uses, made from fine natural coconut shell carbon fibre (which is compostable). The results are a reduction in both cost and landfill waste compared to using regular bottled water. These nearly 9 inch high, 2-1/2 inch diameter transparent bottles come with either blue or green trim, as shown. (The item hanging temporarily on the bottles' sides is their filter, which comes sealed in its own packaging.) There is even a counter dial built into the bottom of the filter holder, to enable you to keep track of how many times you have refilled it.

Suggested Usage:

Cap, filter cage, and filter for Okopure bottle

Use an Okopure water bottle while on-the-go, to conveniently reduce chlorination and improve both taste and odours from your tap water while saving a burden on the environment by not using new bottled water all the time.

The first time you use a new filter, simply slip it into the mini cage which screws onto the cap; then prime the filter by filling the bottle half full of tap water and squeezing it out (you can save that to use for washing up, e.g.), then go ahead and use it you would with any other water bottle.


This convenient 590 ml capacity water bottle from Oko is for use with treated tap water, only -- and not for biologically unsafe or untreated water.

UPC / Barcode: 091037168511