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Olie Naturals - New Beginnings Probiotic Drink

Olie Naturals - New Beginnings Probiotic Drink

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Info: 1000 ml Bottle

New Beginnings artisan fermented probiotic drink is recommended as a digestive aid. It's a blend of 7 carefully selected active bacterial cultures and 19 herbs fused together in a gentle fermentation process to yield a living, highly functional formula to repopulate and support the whole intestinal tract with healthy bacteria and nutrients, to enhance digestion, metabolism, and the immune system.

Product Notes:

New Beginnings is a premium fermented beverage containing probiotics that are essential for maintaining microflora balance in your gastrointestinal tract. It was developed over the course of the past two decades by pioneers in the field of probiotics: this product is manufactured in Denmark, where it is marketed as Vita Biosa, and is sold in over 30 countries worldwide; its developer is Mr. Erik Nielsen. It's an artisanal blend of 19 aromatic herbs, organic sugarcane molasses, and seven different living strains of micro-bacteria, all fermented by a special combination of lactic acid and yeast cultures. Having healthy gut bacteria helps to promote regularity and improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

The reason this probiotic drink has become so popular is its ability to quickly and effectively restore the natural balance in the digestive system. The liquid restricts harmful bacteria and thus gives the beneficial bacteria a better possibility to multiply and create healthy intestinal flora. The intestines have a close connection to the entire immune system, which accounts for the strong effect it can have on arthritis, migraines, asthma, lung diseases in general, certain eczema's and infectious conditions.

A well-balanced digestive system helps prevent and cure human illnesses. Feedback from customers on the related product (VitaBiosa 10+) we carried was that they found it effective in ailments such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, sinusitis, bronchial infections and psoriasis, among others. Users with cancer undergoing chemotherapy also told us it works well together with chemotherapy, with analysis showing much faster recovery of blood cells.

New Beginnings from Olie Naturals provides a minimum of 2.6 million active bacteria (CFU) per ml right up to the expiry date (more than that before, and gradually less, after), and contains no artificial colours or flavours, and no preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. It is also suitable for diabetics, since it has no sugar (all the natural sugars were broken down by the lactic-acid bacteria in the fermentation process).

Olie New Beginnings Ingredients:

Water, fermented organic sugarcane molasses, organic acids (acetic acid (acidulant), lactic acid), 19 organic herbs (extracts from angelica, anise, basil, chervil, dill, elder, fennel, fenugreek, ginger, juniper, large nettle, liquorice root, oregano, parsley, peppermint, roman chamomile, rosemary, sage, and thyme), and 7 different strains of micro-organisms (L. - acidophilus LA5, casei 431, lactis, lactis sp. lactis, and pseudomesenteroides; and Bifidobacterium BB12; and S. thermophilus).

New Beginnings is completely non-GMO, and contains no: dairy, gluten, preservatives, or sugar (the fermentation process decomposes all the sugar that was originally in the ingredients).

Suggested Usage:

Suggested serving: 30 ml (= 2 tablespoons, or one ounce) per day. Small amounts are sufficient for some, while others benefit from more (it can be consumed orally several times a day, preferably at mealtime). Gently turn the bottle to disperse the nutrient-rich sediment (but don't shake). Refrigerate after opening and consume within 60 days.

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