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Omega Alpha Erectol

Omega Alpha - Erectol

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Info: 120 ml per Bottle

Roupala montana, the type of Bois Bandé (or 'hard wood') in this tonic, is a type of shrub or tree which can be made into an extract that's become a well-known aphrodisiac in many parts of the Caribbean, West Indies, and South America.  (E.g., it's known as Carne de Vacca in Brazil, Danto Amarillo in Costa Rica, and Gimauve in Dominica.) Try it as a natural, non-prescription means of addressing low libido or erectile dysfunction or difficulties (ED).


Per 100 ml:
Bois Bande: 100 g
Grain Alcohol: 25%.

Contains no dairy, yeast, corn or wheat.

Suggested Usage:

Take 2 to 3 tablespoons 1 hour before sexual activity. May be mixed with your favorite beverage.


Individuals with high blood pressure and cardiac problems should consult their physicians prior to use.
UPC / Barcode: 826913122604