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Omega - Food Pro Premier Food Processor
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Omega - Food Pro Premier Food Processor

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Info: Model O660, 11-Cup Capacity (Silver)

This innovative, flexible, and durable Premier Food Processor is likely to be the only food processor you'd ever need for household use. It does it all: slice and chop fruits and vegetables; purée soups; or even knead dough. It comes with two sets of bowls and stainless steel chopping/mixing blades for them: an 11 Cup Work Bowl for huge jobs, and a 4-cup mini-chopper for everyday use, and there is an attachment blade for working with dough, as well. S&H included in Canada.

Product Notes:

The Omega Food Pro comes with two 2-Sided stainless steel disks with 2mm and 4mm holes for Slicing and Shredding. The cover for its preparation bowls has a feed chute featuring two different-sized openings (wide or narrow, depending on what you are chopping up), and its innovative plunger for the narrow part doubles as a measuring cup, and also has an emulsion dripper to add oils in at a controlled rate, to facilitate making delicate sauces. The unit has a metal base, and has a powerful yet very smooth and quiet direct-drive induction motor, with a 5-year warranty. It also comes with a long container to hold the various accessories.

UPC / Barcode: 737416020000