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Norpro Microwave Omelet Maker, closed
Norpro Microwave Omelet Maker, opened
Norpro Omelet Maker opened after cooking
6 panels showing Norpro Omelet Maker in use

Norpro - Microwave Omelet Maker

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Info: Microwavable Omelet Maker Made of Silicone

Want a quick healthy hot breakfast with an easy clean-up? How about a delicious and tasty omelet?! Just add two eggs to this non-stick silicone mold plus fresh herbs, spices, vegetables and other protein (if desired), to make a healthy, balanced breakfast omelet in the microwave in just minutes. Silicone cleans up easily by hand, and is dishwasher (or even freezer) safe, too. Instructions and recipes included.

Dimensions: 22 x 13 x 3.5 cm (8.75 x 5 x 1.375 inches)

Suggested Usage:

Follow included recipe ideas or use on-hand ingredients for a fast, flavourful, fresh omelet.


Limit power to 80% for a 1,000 watt microwave; do not exceed temperature of 428F/220C.
UPC Code: 028901509309