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OPUS - AlkaPlus Freedom Nano Drinking Water System

OPUS - AlkaPlus Freedom Nano Drinking Water System

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Info: 5 Filter, 7 Stage Water Purification System

Info: 5 Filter, 7 Stage Water Purification System

The AlkaPlus Freedom Nano is a state of the art point-of-use drinking water system designed for water supplies which use chlorine* for disinfection, and have not been fluoridated (or for those who would prefer to leave the fluoride in, if it has been). The system produces great tasting water that is free of chlorine, lead, mercury, heavy metals, contaminants, viruses, bacteria, and can also remove over 85% of pharmaceutical drugs which may have found their way into your region's water supply. In addition, the Bioceramic alkalizing antioxidant filter provides an increased pH, higher levels of healthful minerals, a lower ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), a smaller water cluster size, and an increase in active hydrogen ions while giving the water antioxidant properties.

*(This model is not designed for water sources treated with chloramine; if yours is, please see our Water Filters for Chloraminated Water collection page instead.)

Product Notes:

Annual replacement filter kits are available, as well. Download the OPUS AlkaPlus Freedom Nano water purification system Installation Guide [PDF]

The AlkaPlus Freedom Nano consists of five advanced filtration components providing seven stages of filtration, with three vertical stages and two horizontally mounted inline filters. Unique features of this model are the horizontally mounted .01 micron Nanofiltration filter which removes bacteria, viruses and over 85% of pharmaceutical drugs, and the 14" Bioceramic alkalizing antioxidant filter.

Included Components and Specifications:

1.  Triple filter wall-mountable housing designed to be installed either under a sink or in a basement or lower level (additional tubing required for lower level installations).

2.  10 inch 0.35 micron pleated sediment filter. (Stage 1)

3.  10" 3 lb KDF media with 0.6 lb granulated activated carbon filter. (Stage 2 & 3)

4.  10" .5 micron carbon microfiltration filter that removes MTBE, VOCs, lead, mercury, chlorine, and particles .5 microns and larger. (Stage 4 & 5).

5.  Horizontally mounted .01 Micron Nanofiltration filter, which blocks protozoa, (cryptosporidium, giardia), bacteria (campylobacter, salmonella, shigella, E. coli), viruses (enteric, hepatitis A, norovirus, rotavirus), and over 85% of pharmaceutical drugs. (Stage 6)

6.  14" inline horizontally mounted bioceramic antioxidant alkalizing filter. (Stage 7)

7.  Quick connects throughout for all ¼" tubing connections, including the brushed nickel ceramic disk designer faucet.

8.  Brushed nickel ceramic disk designer faucet with standard sink installation components, including a John Guest quick connect for easy connection of the blue tubing from the output of the system.

9.  Two 5 foot lengths of flexible LLDPE ¼" BPA-free tubing – one blue, and one red.

Close-up of a John Guest ball valve shut-off valve connected to the water input of horizontally mounted sediment filter

10.  John Guest ball valve (blue and white shut-off valve), a convenient shut-off valve that is installed with a short piece of ¼" tubing on the left side of the filtration system (water input) to make it easy for filter flushing and future filter changes.

11.  Filter wrench, to enable easy opening of the filter housings (three vertical components).

12. 5 Year Limited Warranty


Stage 1: 0.35 Micron Pleated Sediment Filter. Installed in left filter housing. In normal use, this filter should be replaced every six months; however, depending on the quantity of water purified and the level of dissolved solids and sediment in your water, you may need to change it more often. Change this filter if water pressure drops to unacceptable levels. This filter is labeled Stage 1 – .35 Micron Sediment Filter.

Stage 2 & 3 – 3 lb KDF Media/0.6 lb GAC. This is the middle, or centre vertical stage of the unit. This filter consists of two components (two stages), including the equivalent of 3 pounds of KDF media and over half a pound of granulated activated carbon (GAC). KDF media is a copper-zinc formulation that uses electrochemical and catalytic technology to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, aluminum, arsenic, chromium, copper, manganese, nickel, chloroform, trichloroethane, lindane, nitrates, nitrites and hydrogen sulfide from water. KDF media has a mild anti-bacterial, algaecitic, and fungicitic effect, and may reduce the accumulation of lime scale. The filter housing above this filter is labeled Stage 2 & 3 – 3 lb KDF/GAC.

Stage 4 & 5 – .5 Micron MTBE/VOC/Lead/Mercury Microfilter:
This is the right vertical stage of the unit  with multiple functions, including:
• Trapping particles down to .5 microns from the KDF/GAC filter in stage 2 & 3. (Stage 4).
• Removing chlorine, odors, dissolved and particulate lead, mercury (99.5% removal rate for lead and mercury), and cysts, including giardia, crypto-sporidium, entamoeba and toxoplasma. A unique feature of this filter is the filtration of MTBE and VOCs – contaminants that very few filtration systems can remove. (Stage 5)

Stage 6 - 14" horizontally mounted bioceramic alkalizing antioxidant filter. Using bioceramics, alkalizing minerals (magnesium, calcium and potassium), and other unique minerals and ceramics, the OPUS Bioceramic Alkalizing Antioxidant Filter transforms water purified by the previous five stages into antioxidant, oxygenated, alkalizing drinking water with a higher pH and a lower oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

Stage 7 – Horizontally mounted .01 Micron Nanofiltration filter, which blocks protozoa, (cryptosporidium, giardia), bacteria (campylobacter, salmonella, shigella, E. coli), viruses (enteric, hepatitis A, norovirus, rotavirus), and over 85% of pharmaceutical drugs.

Benefits of the Bioceramic Filter:
•  Increased pH, creating more alkaline (higher pH) drinking water. Alkaline liquids help flush acidic metabolites and toxins at the cellular level, while increasing the body’s alkalinity.
•  Addition of healthful ionic (ionized) minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium.
•  Increase in oxygen. Ionized water can deliver twice the oxygen to your cells as tap or bottled water. German biochemist Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for research indicating that cancer cells are anaerobic and that cancer cannot survive in the presence of oxygen.
•  The antioxidant function scavenges oxygen free radicals (reactive oxygen species), and may help reduce the risk of degenerative diseases including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
•  Tourmaline – Far-infrared ceramic balls produce negative hydrogen (hydroxyl) ions and create a smaller water cluster size.
•  Smaller water clusters (51.497 Hz) hydrate the body up to 3 times more effectively than normal water, while helping to increase the absorption of nutrients and minerals.
•  Lowers the ORP (oxidation reducing potential) of water to between -100mv and -350mv depending on source water and raises the pH to between 8 and 9.5.


$450 annually (for replacement filters); $37.50 monthly; $8.65 weekly; $1.23 daily. That breaks down to 25 cents per gallon; or 5.4 cents per litre. (All based on 5 gallons of use per day.)


Replacement Filters (Individual)  
Annual Replacement Filter Kits (select store code 20382 for this model)
Upgrades (including ultraviolet sterilization and designer faucets)


OPUS recommends all water/plumbing products be installed by professionals. Be sure to flush the filters in the proper order before hooking up and using the whole system, as indicated in the Installation Guide.

Unfortunately, due to their size and weight, OPUS water filters and water systems no longer qualify for free shipping; our Shipping Department will follow-up with a quote before proceeding with the order.