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OPUS - Digital Water Filter System

OPUS - Digital Water Filter System

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Info: Chrome Finish Housing; Choice of Filters

S&H included in Canada. A great value and an attractive addition to any kitchen, the OPUS Digital Water Filter System easily attaches directly to your standard kitchen faucet, so you can quickly draw filtered water as needed. This system has a digital display to continually monitor how many litres of useful life are left in the filter, and a dual warning system that prompts you when to change the filter. Select the filter suitable for your water supply -- both options are highly efficient filters designed to remove sediment and particles down to 1 micron in size and significantly improve your drinking water's colour, taste, and odor. Delicious drinking water for a penny a litre.

Product Notes:

Simple, attractive, and practical. The OPUS Digital Water Filtration System is an attractive countertop water purifier that's simple to hook up, easy to use, and a great value. No problems with installation. No more pitchers. No more waiting. Clean, fresh, odor-free water for drinking and cooking whenever you want it.

Water pitcher systems with inserted filters have several drawbacks: they constantly need refilling; others in your household may fail to do so, so you have to wait for it to filter through before you can have your drink; and unless you're all extra careful about setting and keeping the date tab in place, it can be a guessing game when it's time to replace the filter. Plus, the plastic pitchers start looking grubby after a while. This elegant countertop system solves all those problems.

Water Filter

This system consists of a DigiPure Digital Water Housing paired with your choice of filter, which should be selected depending upon which type of primary water treatment your municipal water supply uses: Chlorine or Chloramine.

Digital Filter Housing

This single stage Digital Water Filter Housing incorporates a large LCD display monitor which is connected advanced digital control circuit and a precise flow sensor to precisely monitor how much water has been processed by the unit and display how much usable life is left. When you install a new filter and hit the reset button, it starts the countdown at 4,000 litres, and then displays the remaining volume capacity of the filter as you use it. When it reaches zero, the backlight (which is activated by the Display button) will switch from blue to a blinking red, and there's also an audible buzzing sound. The display monitor works on two standard AAA alkaline batteries, which will last about a year (and if the batteries die before you replace them, the system will retain the countdown at its latest level before they died and resume at that count).

For an indication of the size of the total unit, the dimensions of the box it comes in are: 31 cm tall by 18 cm across and 17 cm deep.


Pleated High Capacity 1 Micron CTO Carbon Filter

Choice of Filters

If your water source is treated with Chlorine, the 10" tall, pleated 1 Micron High Capacity Carbon Filter is a CTO filter which is designed not only to reduce Chlorine Taste and Odour and other odours which may be affecting the taste of the water, but also to trap all sediments and particulate matter in the water down to 1 micron in size -- even cysts.

This is a highly absorbent and very efficient filter which works well even if your water pressure is low, and quite quickly -- there will be very little delay in how quickly the clean water comes out. These filters will last most users about a year for their drinking water, with normal use; but if your water supply (or your home's own pipes) are especially dirty or you use more than 3 gallons a day, you may need to change it sooner than that, if the filtering time drops to unacceptable levels.

Please note, the Maximum Operating Temperature is 125°F (52°C), it's not intended for use with very hot water.


For those living in areas which add Chloramine to the water supply to treat it, please choose the 1 Micron Activated Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon Block filter, which adsorbs both chloramines and chlorine, while holding back all sediments and particulate matter down to 1 micron in size, and also removing odours from the water to improve its taste.

Replacement filters are also available (both types). For the replacement 1 Micron CTO / Chlorine filter, our store part number is PLU 22491; and for the Chloramine water supply, it is PLU 10616. The housing is a DigiPure model 9000S, but the filter options available with the OPUS Digital Water Filtration System far exceed the performance of the standard filter offered by other suppliers.

Suggested Usage:

Sketches of two methods for connecting diverter valve to kithen faucet

It's easy to connect this system to most kitchen faucets in just a minute or two, usually without needing tools. Its universal diverter valve and adapter will fit most faucets. Simply:

A) Unscrew and remove any existing aerator/filter which may be on the end of the faucet, to expose its threads (the ridges to screw something onto). (This can usually be done by hand (using a large rubber band or rubber gloves may improve your grip), although sometimes pliers may be needed.)

B) Check whether the threads on the faucet tip are on its outside or inside; then:

- if the threads are on the outside, simply attach the diverter valve to it by screwing it on, as shown in the top panel on the right; or,

- if the threads are inside the faucet tip, there are 2 steps:

1) Get the adapter (as shown in the middle panel), and twist it counterclockwise into the faucet, and tighten it by hand until it fits snugly. (If it's difficult to tighten, you use a coin of the appropriate thickness (such as a quarter) as a sort of winding key by inserting it into the notch at the bottom of the adapter, and holding onto that to twist it until it's snug).

2) Next, take the diverter valve, and twist it counterclockwise onto that adapter thread which is now protruding from the tip of your faucet, and tighten it by hand until it is snug.

C) When you want filtered water (after the filter has been appropriately installed in the housing and primed), simply place your glass, coffee pot or cup etc. under the system's own spout, and press the button in the diverter valve so it comes through the system.

Product Options:
1 Micron CTO Filter for Chlorinated Water Supplies - $139.99
1 Micron Filter, for Chloramine-Treated Water - $149.99