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OPUS - Freedom 2017 Water Purification System

OPUS - Freedom 2017 Water Purification System

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Info: 4 Filter, 7 Stage Water Purification System

Info: 4 Filter, 7 Stage Water Purification System

For those living in areas whose municipal water supplies do not add fluoride (since this system is not designed to remove fluoride) who want great-tasting, contaminant-free water, the OPUS Freedom 2017 is a low maintenance point-of-use drinking water system with low operating costs.

The system features three types of carbon (activated carbon block, granulated activated carbon, and catalytic coconut shell carbon block) and 3 pounds of KDF media, with progressively finer 5 micron, 1 micron, and .5 micron filtration, providing up to a 99.5% removal rate of chlorine, chloramines, lead, mercury, heavy metals, MTBE, VOCs, giardia, Entamoeba, cryptosporidium, toxoplasma cysts and contaminants, while maintaining desired pH (alkalinity) and dissolved minerals, to produce great-tasting mineral-rich water.

Product Notes:

Replacement filters can be bought individually or as part of an Annual Filter Replacement Kit. For further information, please download the OPUS Freedom 2017 Installation Guide.[PDF]

The OPUS Freedom 2017 water purification system has all the features of the OPUS Advantage, but lacks the fluoride removal filtration component. This system consists of four advanced filtration components providing seven stages of filtration, contained in a unit with three vertical filter housings. Included are two five foot lengths of BPA free LLDPE 1/4" tubing, a John Guest shut off valve that connects to the water input on the left side of the system to allow for easy filter changes and filter flushing, and a John Guest quick connect for the supplied brushed nickel ceramic disk designer faucet.

Included Components and Specifications:

1. a triple filter wall mount unit for installation under a sink or in a basement, to allow easy access to the system for future filter changes.

2. a 10" long 5 micron pleated dirt/rust/sediment filter attached by two 2" plastic clips to the top of the unit. (Stage 1)

3. a 10" long 3 lb KDF media/0.6 lb granulated activated carbon (GAC) filter. (Stage 2 & 3)

4. a 10" long Coconut Shell activated catalytic carbon block filter that removes chlorine and chloramines, and particulates down to 1 micron. (Stage 4 and 5)

5. a 10" long 0.5 micron carbon microfiltration filter that removes MTBE, VOCs and chlorine, with 95% removal of lead and mercury, and particles as small as .5 microns. (Stage 6 & 7)

6. Quick connects throughout for all ¼" tubing connections, including on the beautiful brushed nickel ceramic disk designer faucet.

7. a brushed nickel. lead-free ceramic disk designer faucet with normal sink installation components, including a John Guest quick connect screwed onto the end, for quick and easy connection of the blue tubing from the output of the system.

8. two 5 foot lengths of flexible LLDPE ¼" tubing -- one blue, and one red. Red is used to connect to the cold water source and to the John Guest ball valve (shut off valve) installed in the input of the system on the left side. The blue tubing is connected to the output on the right side of the system and to the supplied John Guest quick connect that is screwed onto the bottom of the supplied faucet.

9. a John Guest ball valve: a convenient shut off valve that is installed with a short piece of ¼" tubing on the left side of the system (water input). This shut off valve makes it easy to turn off the water to the system for filter flushing and filter changes.

10. a filter wrench, to enable easy opening of the filter housings (the three vertical components) that hold the filters.

The individual components included in this design include:

Stage 1 -- 5 Micron Sediment Filter: In normal use, this filter, which is mounted horizontally on the top of the unit by two 2" plastic clips, should be replaced annually; however, depending on the quantity of water purified and the level of dissolved solids and sediment in your water, you may need to change it more often. Change this filter if water pressure drops to unacceptable levels, or, at minimum, annually.

Stage 2 & 3 -- 3 lb KDF Media/0.6 lb GAC: This is the left vertical stage of the unit. This filter consists of two components (two stages), including the equivalent of 3 pounds of KDF media and over half a pound of granulated activated carbon (GAC). KDF media is a copper-zinc formulation that combines electrochemical and catalytic technology to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, aluminum, arsenic, chromium, copper, manganese, nickel, chloroform, trichloroethane, lindane, nitrates, nitrites and hydrogen sulfide from water. KDF media has a mild antibacterial, algaecitic, and fungicitic effect, and may reduce the accumulation of lime scale. Change this filter annually, even if less than 5 gallons per day is purified.

Stage 4 & 5 -- 1 Micron Activated Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon Block: This filter is installed in the middle (center) vertical stage. It adsorbs both chloramines and chlorine, while blocking all particulate matter down to 1 micron. This filter must be changed annually, even if less than five gallons of water are filtered daily. This filter has multiple functions, including:
• Adsorbing chlorine and chloramines (most municipalities now add either one or the other to treat their water supplies).
• Trapping particles as small as 1 micron, including particles from the KDF/GAC filter in the left vertical stage (which is why it is critical to flush the KDF/GAC filter prior to installing this, and the .5 micron filter which comprises Stage 6 & 7).
• Improving taste and odor.

Stage 6 & 7 -- 0.5 Micron MTBE/VOC/Lead/Mercury Microfilter: This is the right vertical stage of the unit; it must be changed annually even if less than five gallons of water are purified daily. This filter has multiple functions, including:
• Trapping particles down to .5 microns, including particles from the KDF/GAC filter in Stage 2 & 3 (left filter housing), and particles from the 1 micron Stage 4 & 5 filter (which is installed in the middle filter housing.) [Stage 6]
• Removing chlorine, odors, dissolved and particulate lead, mercury (99.5% removal rate for lead and mercury), and giardia, cryptosporidium, entamoeba and toxoplasma cysts. A unique feature of this filter is the filtration of MTBE and VOCs -- contaminants that very few filtration systems can remove. [Stage 7]


Replacement Filters (Individual)  
Annual Replacement Filter Kits (select store code 22710 for this model)


OPUS recommends all water/plumbing products be installed by professionals. Be sure to flush the filters in the proper order before hooking up and using the whole system, as indicated in the Installation Guide.