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OPUS - Water Filtration Replacement Parts
optional Saddle Valve for the OPUS CottagePure system
Cap and Glass Sleeve for OPUS CottagePure systems with the 6 Watt Korean UV Lamp

OPUS - Water Filtration Replacement Parts

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Replacement parts for OPUS Water Filtration Systems. The John Guest Union "T" (shown here) allows you to attach either a second tap or a refrigerator to your system. Extra tubing may be purchased at $1.00 per foot; please contact one of our staff at Aviva for further details on this option.

The Saddle Valve and Cap/Sleeve options are both for the CottagePure system.
The Saddle Valve option is to connect a copper cold water pipe to the 1/4" diameter LLDPE tubing.
The End Cap and Sleeve for the CottagePure UV bulb are for those systems with a 6-watt Korean UV bulb. They only need to be replaced if part of this assembly gets broken on your system; they do not include a bulb.

Product Options:
John Guest Union "T" - $5.00
Saddle Valve - $8.50
End Cap and Sleeve - $44.99