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Grohe Concetto Designer Faucet (left) and NSF Certfied faucet (right)
the Grohe Concetto; NSF Certified; and standard OPUS faucets
NSF Certified Faucet
John Guest Union T connector (with hoses attached; not included)
Nanofiltration filter
Germicidal Ultraviolet Purification installed on top of an OPUS system
components of Germicidal Ultraviolet Purification kit

OPUS - Drinking Water System Upgrades

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Info: Several Faucet, Filtration, or Splitting Upgrade Options Available for Select Systems

Several types of upgrades for many point-of-use OPUS water filtration system are available here*, including two types of additional filters to purify untreated water, and an upgraded faucet and a matching sink faucet.

Product Notes:

* (Unless one aspect of them such as a UV filter already comes standard with the machine, in which case, it may not be possible to do, or there may be an additional $150 cost to cover a customized design.)

Pricing is based on concurrent purchase of an OPUS water filtration system, for those systems which list a Nanofilter or UV Filter as upgrade options in their installation guides. The four types of upgrades on offer here are as follows:

1) To purify unsafe water such as water drawn from a lake which can be prone to E. coli, choose a germicidal ultraviolet water purification filter add-on (please note: it requires an AC electrical power source).

2) If your water source is already treated to start with, for more peace of mind in case your municipality's water treatment system either misses some things or has a temporary breakdown, choose an additional .01 micron nanofiltration filter, to avoid the inconvenience of a boil water advisory. It blocks protozoa (such as cryptosporidium or giardia), bacteria (campylobacter, salmonella, shigella, E. coli), and viruses (enteric, hepatitis A, norovirus, rotavirus), and can also remove over 85% of pharmaceutical drugs which have may found their way into your water supply.

3) Faucet upgrade options include:
- an 11" tall NSF- certified forged brass ceramic disk designer faucet with chrome plating (which is a fair bit larger than the one which ordinarily comes with the OPUS systems; the two are shown side by side in the middle and right positions of the photo showing three spout sizes); or,
- the much larger chrome-plated NSF-certified Grohe Concetto designer faucet (on the left) which matches the previous item in appearance, to replace your existing kitchen faucet at the same time to make a matched set. It features a shower head with two different spray types (a fine spray jet or a more powerful shower jet), attached to a flexible internal hose which can be pulled-out by as much as a foot to rinse the sides of the sink or to fill things outside it.

4) There is also an option to get a John Guest Union "T" (PLU 11852) to provide a connection for the filtered water to go to a second outlet, such as a refrigerator or another tap. Should you require additional LLDPE 1/4" tubing to install that, please contact us.

Should you wish to purchase parts separately to enhance an existing system, or make a special order, please contact one of our helpful staff toll free at (866) 947-6789 (or at (204) 947-6789 within Winnipeg) to discuss how or whether to proceed.

Ultraviolet purification is already included in the OPUS CottagePure system, so the first type of upgrade would not apply to that model. (To order ultraviolet purification options for a Whole House system, please see our OPUS - Whole House UV-C Sterilization Unit page.)

* E.g., to add a Nanofilter to a CottagePure, or to customize other systems with substitute or additional filters or to tailor make a new system, an additional $150 fee would be incurred to cover the costs of the installation, design, and new documentation for the installation guide.

Product Options:
John Guest Union "T" - $5.00
Nanofiltration Filter - $100.00
NSF Certified Faucet, Ceramic/Brass - $149.99
Germicidal Ultraviolet Purification - $269.99
Grohe Concetto Designer Faucet - $419.00