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OPUS - Replacement KDF / GAC Filter (Whole House)

OPUS - Replacement KDF / GAC Filter (Whole House)

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an OPUS Whole House Water Filtration System

These 20" high KDF Media combined with Granulated Activated Carbon filters are for use with either the OPUS Whole House Model 55, Model 85, or Iron Redox Water Purification Systems.

Product Notes:

Please select between the Model 55 filter, which is designed for chlorinated water or for water supplies with normal to only slightly elevated levels of iron in them; or the Model 85 filter, which is specially designed for higher iron levels and can also remove chloramine. Components of these filters are FDA-approved.

In both cases, you can receive a $30 discount per unit if you purchase two or more at the same time.

These filters are very large and heavy, so for these products, free shipping is not included. Our Shipping Department will contact you to quote the shipping cost once we have your address; we will not proceed without your approval.

Suggested Usage:

After installing this new cartridge, flush with sufficient amount of water until carbon fines present in the unit are removed.

The "O" ring in the housing should be periodically replaced and lubricated to prevent leakage.


These filters should not be used where the water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection either before and/or after the filter.

Be sure to keep filter away from heat source.

Product Options:
Model 55 (a single filter) - $299.99
Model 55 x 2 of these filters - $499.98
Model 85 (a single filter) - $299.99
Model 85 x 2 of these filters - $499.98