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Oreous Pillow - The World's Comfiest Pillow
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Oreous Pillow - The World's Comfiest Pillow

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S&H included in Canada. The comfiest, most advanced pillow in the world is now available in Canada! Oreous is the most comfortable and supporting pillow in the world! Its continuous use may reduce neck pain and headaches, as it is adjusts to the person (not the other way around), giving you a better, deeper, more restful sleep, and aiding in stress management to help promote a healthier lifestyle.

Product Notes:

The end of your search for the perfect pillow

Adjustable / Antibacterial / Cooling / Ecological / Refreshing / Supportive / Patented Technology / Responsive / Washable

Pillow Sizes

* Standard Oreous: 18" x 28"
* King Oreous: 18" x 34"


The Oreous pillow is one of the greenest, most eco-friendly pillows available on the market. Its covers are made of natural materials including 100% pure cotton (for the inner cover) and 100% organic Lenpur (a fully biodegradable fibre extracted from pine wood, which forms the outer cover, which includes a 3D mesh band around its middle both to draw in air and to help the pillow retain its overall shape). Both materials are breathable, transmitting moisture away from your body, and the Lenpur fibers have natural anti-odor, anti-bacterial, and anti-static properties, so neither cover will need frequent washing.


The Microloops are a proprietary type of foam that has some characteristics of memory foam (like support) and some characteristics of latex (responsiveness) and other features which enable the Microloops to be anti-allergic and to not retain heat. Oreous uses the most eco-friendly methods to produce the Microloops; no unnatural expanding agents, chlorinated hydrocarbons or CFC were used to create them, and no chemicals are used in the production of the Oreous pillows.Oreous pillow cover


The Oreous pillow cover is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which meets the human-ecological requirements to the standards presently established for a baby article, which means it is 100% non-toxic and safe.


The pillow ships in a vacuum-sealed bag, and will be quite compressed when it arrives. Once it is extricated from its bag, it will spring back to its normal shape within just a few minutes.

Video Transcript

Sleep. It has the power to determine the rest of your day, positively, or negatively. Your mood, your attitude, even your overall health, are all strongly tied to how well you sleep. Why tolerate poor sleep any longer? It's time to get cozy with the Oreous pillow, the only pillow designed perfectly to adjust to your exact preference.

Finding the right pillow is the most important part of a better, more restful sleep. There are so many different pillow options out there, down feather, synthetic, memory foam, pillows for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, flat, soft, fluffy, dense, but the Oreous pillow adjusts to whatever you need.

This revolutionary pillow is easy to use, adjustable to the exact thickness, height, and loft you desire, down to the micro millimeter. Never wake up with a stiff neck again. The interior of the pillow is constructed from thousands of microloops, which rebound 10 times faster than normal memory foam, and 1,000 times faster than a typically feather down pillow.

However you move around, you will have the reliable, 360 degree head and neck support you need, thus eliminating all that back and neck pain. The exterior cover is 100% organic, made from Lenpur, a 100% natural, luxurious fiber, which offers the comfort of silk, the touch of cashmere, with the lightness of linen.

This special anti-bacterial fabric, naturally balances the heat production from your body, keeping you cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. The interior cover is made from a breathable, pure, 100% cotton. It is made with an advanced 3D mesh band technology, which helps keep the pillow's shape, and allow the internal microloops to flow freely within the pillow. This allows your pillow to give you the personalized responsiveness and support you need.

We have spent the last two and a half years working with experts around the world, to revolutionize the sleep experience.... We truly believe that the Oreous pillow is the end of your search for the perfect pillow.

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Product Options:
Standard Oreous (18 x 28 inches) - $199.99
King Oreous (18 x 34 inches) - $239.99