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Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder

Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder

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Info: Available in 2 Types & Sizes

Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum annuum) figures prominently in Mexican, Szechwan, and East Indian dishes like creamy soups, curries, or meats, and in sauces like salsa. You can choose here between two certified organic types, either in a conventional shaker size for cooking or seasoning, or in bulk, which could be used for making your own capsules to take as a supplement.

Product Notes:

The first option is a "Medium" hotness type under the Celebration Herbals brand, which measures between 20,000 and 50,000 Heat Units* for the spiciness of its capsicums; it comes in a shaker bottle with large, coarse-grained openings and a a flip top which snaps shut. The other, hotter type under the Frontier Co-Op brand has at least 75,000 HU's, and comes in a one pound (454g) foil bag.

* The H.U. or Heat Unit scale ranges from 5,000 to 120,000.

The latest product label for the shaker bottle may differ slightly from one shown.

Product Options:
Medium Heat Cayenne Pepper, 55g Shaker Bottle - $7.99 - UPC: 628240511874
Hot (75,000+ HU) Cayenne Powder, 454g Bag - $29.99 - UPC: 089836929327