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10 Heavy Flow/Night Pads with Wings, by Organyc
Organyc Super Flow pad
Organyc Heavy Flow / Night pad

Organyc - Organic Cotton Heavy Flow Pads with Wings

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Info: 10 Pads with Wings/Box; in Heavy Night Flow; Limited Quantity

Info: 10 Pads with Wings/Box; in Heavy Night Flow; Limited Quantity

100% Cotton! Feminine care products have definitely come a long way, but there's even further we can take it! Many women aren't aware that conventional products are made with synthetics like rayon and 'Super Absorbent Powders' derived from crude oil, bleached with chlorine and blended with wood fillers. Feminine products by Organ(y)c are mindfully developed with the health of your body and the planet in mind!

Product Notes:

Package of 10 Moderate Flow pads by Organyc

Organyc Feminine Care Products contain no synthetics, no SAPs and no wood pulp. They are bleached only in hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant.

It's understandable that you might be a little nervous about switching brands -- your period is not something to "mess" around with! But no worries, you are fully covered!

Cotton is Nature's most absorbent material so you trust that your coverage against leaks will be just as reliable if not better!

Also, SOFT-SOFT-SOFT! Cotton sets the expectation for breathable softness to keep you comfortable during your cycle.

Package of 24 liners by Organyc

One more thing, Organyc is hypoallergenic, so no matter how sensitive you are, again, you're covered!!!

Renewable and sustainable! Using methods and materials that reduce the impact on the environment promoting a better balance for our ecosystems.


100% certified organic cotton.
UPC / Barcode: 8016867009935