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Orka by Mastrad - Ice Pop Maker Set
Package for an Orka by Mastrad Ice Pop Maker Set
Mastrad Ice Pop Maker Set with Brown handles
Making Ice Pops with an Orka Ice Pop Maker Set

Orka by Mastrad - Ice Pop Maker Set

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Info: 4 Ice Pop Molds, Stand, and Recipe; Now Only Available with Brown Handles

Straight from your freezer and easy to eat, Mastrad's ice pop makers are sure to become a family favourite for frozen treats. Create fun spiral-shaped ice pops which you and your kids can make healthier and with personalized flair at home; they're really treats that can't be beat! Excellently designed with a stand to hold the four ice-pops upright for easy placement in the freezer that will catch any stray spills so you won't have messy, slushy cleanup. The silicone spiral molds have a pull tab for easy removal, and the holders feature a mini-bowl at the base so you'll catch every bite even if your ice-pop melts in the sweltering heat.

Product Notes:

Beat the heat with your own refreshing home-made treats made from healthy ingredients of your own choosing. These ice-pop makers are complete, with four non-toxic silicone molds, that are quick and easy to peel off when ready to eat; a stand that easily stores in the freezer, to prevent spillage; and handles, which include a cup-shaped base to catch the drips if it melts while you're eating it.

Features patented Orka technologies. Product either has a brown base and holders with pink and green spiral molds (as shown here), or a white stand and holders with yellow, green, red and orange spiral molds (as shown above).

Suggested Usage:

Make frozen treats including ice pops, ice cream, and other frosty delights from scratch at home. Kids and adults alike will enjoy freshly made, fun treats; and if you plan on sneaking in healthy ingredients, there's no need to tell them they're healthier than the store-bought variety!!!

Use your favourite healthful recipes, or try the recipes that are included with the kit.

UPC / Barcode: 885902472168