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Orthaheel - Active Maximum Support, Full Length

Orthaheel - Active Maximum Support, Full Length

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Info: Unisex; Only Available in Select Sizes; Limited Quantity Remaining

The Orthaheel line of orthotics is designed not only to relieve heel pain, but also to reduce over-pronation, which can help relieve several other types of pain (knee, back, and aching legs), for reasons explained in the Notes below. This particular Active model is geared to providing maximum support and greater control in faster-paced activities such as running and fast walking. It is ideal for athletic shoes such as runners or cleats, but can also be used in walking shoes or casual shoes - or indeed, pretty much any essentially flat shoe with a removable insole.

Product Notes:

This insert is available in a range of Unisex sizes, from eXtra Small to eXtra Large (although we no longer have all sizes in stock), and each one can be trimmed in the forefoot area to fit your particular shoe, if necessary

Developed by podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, Orthaheel technology supports natural alignment from the ground up, to provide Perfect Balance, from a stable heel cup and a firm yet flexible midsole; and Addictive Support, from an innovative biomechanically contoured arch.

• As the foot pronates while you run or walk, the arch collapses, and its ligaments stretch and elongate. Orthaheel orthotics realign the foot, reducing forces on the ligaments that cause this pain.

• When the foot rolls over, the lower leg internally rotates, putting forces on the knee cap and weakening the muscle structures, causing knee pain. An Orthaheel orthotic helps reduce rotation of the leg and that everyday cause of knee pain.

• Other consequences from the feet rolling over and the legs' internal rotation as you walk or run are that the leg muscles become stressed, leading to tired, aching legs; and the pelvis is forced forward, increasing lower back curvature and causing tightness and stiffness in those muscles. These Orthaheel inserts decrease that rotation of the leg and accompanying traction on the calf muscles, and help align body posture, thereby easing lower back pain.

Features and Composition:

The features and composition of the Biomechanically Designed Technology in the Full-Length Orthaheel Active Maximum Support orthotic include: its bed (the orange part, as shown in the video) is constructed from EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), a flexible material with some "give," which has been reinforced with a hardened Polyethylene plastic (PE) shell over about half the foot (the darker green or charcoal [depending on the light] part), for added motion control and stability under high impact; there are cushioned "shock dots" under the balls of the feet at both the heel and forefoot areas (the light turquoise parts), for added shock absorption; there is a slight 4 degree wedge in the rear of the foot, to provide support and control and help prevent excess pronation; it is contoured around the heel and arch areas, to achieve 100% foot contact (so that it's not just your heel and toes bearing all the weight and absorbing all the impact); and it is covered with a soft 100% nylon topcloth (the light blue part, shown in the main product photos above) which has been infused with an earth-friendly microbe shield technology called EcoFresh, which has anti-bacterial, odor-absorbing properties

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XS (Men's 3.5 to 5 US, Women's 4.5 to 6) - $45.00 - UPC: 0616542023812
XL (Men's US sizes 11.5 to 13) - $45.00 - UPC: 616542023850