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Orthaheel - Shock Absorber Maximum Cushion Full-Length

Orthaheel - Shock Absorber Maximum Cushion Full-Length

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Info: Unisex; Available in Many Sizes; Limited Quantity Remaining

Are your feet getting quite sore when you go for a run or a long walk or have a game of tennis, even if your posture and gait are pretty good? Chances are, it's just due to normal aging processes such as a reduction of the fatty pads that cushion them, and of the thickness and elasticity of our skin and tendons (since we produce less collagen starting in our mid-20s). But don't let that deter you from staying active: you can quite literally recover the spring in your step with these shock-absorbing insoles.

Product Notes:

Using high-energy shock-absorbing polyurethane technology, this ORTHAHEEL model is designed to give a maximum amount of shock absorption during high-impact activities such as running, cross training, or court sports. It features a cushioned full length (from heel to forefoot) insert, for added shock absorption.

They provide the greatest amount of cushioning to absorb impact of all the Orthaheel insoles, while still incorporating Tri Planar Motion Control technology to provide a slight amount of orthotic support to counteract pronation and encourage the foot to stay in the neutral position. As a full-length insert, they can only really be fitted into shoes which have removable insoles, but can be trimmed to fit a wide variety of both men's and women's shoes which can have their original insoles taken out.

Like all Orthaheel orthotics, it features an anatomical design with a contoured arch and rearfoot control with a deep heel cup, to ensure 100% proprioceptive contact and provide some motion control to reduce excess pronation, and an odor- absorbing cover featuring EcoFresh (which has anti-bacterial properties). However, its softer rear foot wedge provides a relatively low level of control for over-pronation, making it a good introductory model for those who have never worn supportive orthotics before, as an easy way of getting used to an orthotic correction.

Product Options:
XS (Men's 3.5 to 5 US, Women's 4.5 to 6) - $40.00 - UPC: 616542011321
S (Men's 5.5 to 7 US, Women's 6.5 to 8) - $40.00 - UPC: 616542011345
M (Men's 7.5 to 9 US, Women's 8.5 to 10) - $40.00 - UPC: 616542011338
L (Men's 9.5 to 11 US, Women's 10.5 to 12) - $40.00 - UPC: 616542011352
XL (Men's US sizes 12 to 13.5) - $40.00 - UPC: 616542011369