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OttLite - Tulip Full Spectrum Desk Lamp

OttLite - Tulip Full Spectrum Desk Lamp

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Info: Adjustable Task Lamp (incl. Full Spectrum Bulb)

You may have seen imitations of this lamp elsewhere, but that's what they are, imitations. Illuminate your life with the original Natural Daylight Lamp from OttLite. The Tulip desk lamp adjusts in height from 16-23.5", and with its flexible gooseneck, it easily converts to a mini torchiere lamp for ambient lighting.

Product Notes:

OttLite's 508 Illumination technology helps you see everything clearly and comfortably, showing colours more vibrantly and accurately than conventional CFL bulbs. With a precise balance of brightness and contrast, this lamp helps you see fine print and details clearly, while reducing glare distortion and eyestrain. Great for readers and crafters, this compact and adjustable design is also perfect for computer workstations and home offices. It's like natural daylight indoors! Experience the difference!

See everything clearly and comfortably with our incredible OttLite 508 illumination, a precise balance of contrast and brightness unlike any other. With OttLite, you'll enjoy a healthier way to see. Now the eye can focus without the harsh glare, blinding brightness, distortion and fatigue other light sources can cause. Details and fine print are incredibly clear. Colours are true and vibrant, plus OttLite lighting is long-lasting, energy efficient, and earth friendly, rated to last up to 10,000 hours. Just imagine all the things you can see and enjoy when you illuminate your life with OttLite.

Customer Review:
This is my first order with Aviva. I was very pleased with the ease of ordering, the quickness of shipment and the quality of the packaging of my new desk lamp. I recently was moved from an office with full windows to a windowless one. I was very concerned about not having any sunlight all day. I did some research and found this light. The light is amazing. It doesn't throw off nearly any heat. The light is true and crisp with no glare yet is not overpowering. The light is of excellent quality. I am thinking of ordering one for my home office now and maybe even for the kids homework area. It's amazing.

Thank you. L. Wells, Ontario

With its broad illumination and space-saving design, this lamp is ideal for reading, studying and everyday tasks.

Energy efficient and earth friendly, the included bulb is rated to last up to 10,000 hours. You can help reduce CO2 emissions and lower your electric bill. At just 15 watts, the output of the included bulb is roughly equivalent to that of a 60 watt traditional incandescent light bulb. This low-heat bulb uses ~75% less energy while lasting 10x longer than regular bulbs! Plus, you get all the advantages of the indoor daylight illumination with truer colours, clearer details and low glare for reduced eyestrain.

Lamp Specifications:

Base Diameter: 14.6 cm (5.75").
Height (Adjustable): 40.6-59.7 cm (16-23.5").
Weight: 3.42 lbs.
Model: 617120 - Silver - PL7966.
UPC: 761712005249.

SunLife Lighting

SunLife Lighting: For the healthiest lighting available anywhere, add the optional SunLife bulb and enjoy the additional benefits of negative ions for increased energy, improved mood and cleaner air.

For example, the 15W SunLife bulb is equivalent to a 60W incandescent, and has perfect 5500 degree colour balance. Its photocatalytic technology also helps to purify the air and eliminate odours and airborne pathogens in your work area.

UPC / Barcode: 761712005249