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OXO - Good Grips Onion Chopper
Peeling away Vegetable Chopper's removable grid for cleaning, and using its Easy-Pour Opening

OXO - Good Grips Onion Chopper

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Info: Dedicated Dicing Device with 592 ml Container

No more excuses! This smartly designed compact Vegetable Chopper makes it quick and easy to safely dice and serve up not only onions, peppers, and other vegetables into up to 49 bits at a time, but also fruit, or hard-boiled eggs.

Product Notes:

We all know we should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and a great way to do that is to dice them up for raw salads or to add to stir fries. But we may not be able to afford a fancy food processor to do that, or find ourselves not using them because it's too much trouble to haul them out and clean them up, after. Chopping them all up manually with a knife may cause a bit of a mess, too, and leave you with sti(n)cky hands, or watery eyes, or the odd nick.

The Good Grips Onion Chopper makes that easy to do. It's easy to clean, too: it's dishwasher safe, and there's a removable grid which fits around the cover's pushing knobs, to make it much easier to expel the build-up of fiber that vegetables like onions tend to leave in choppers.


Stainless steel blades; BPA free plastic base and other components.

Dimensions when closed up: 8" L x 5" W x 3.5" H  (20 x 13 x 9 cm).

Suggested Usage:

Simply place the item to be chopped on top of the grid of stainless steel blades, then pivot the cover down, and push on the soft touchpoint pad. Then when you're done chopping, or it's full -- the see-through, non-slip base can hold up to 2.5 cups (592 ml) in its recessed reservoir -- you can simply pour and shake out the cut items directly into your bowl or frying pan through the large opening at its back, without having to disassemble it until you're ready for cleaning.


The stainless steel blades are very sharp. Handle with care when unpacking, using, cleaning and storing the chopper. Do not leave within reach of young children.

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