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Pascoe - Basentabs pH-Balance Pascoe
Pascoe - Basentabs pH-Balance Pascoe
Chart on how to use the Pascoe pH test strip

Pascoe - Basentabs pH-Balance Pascoe

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Info: 100 Tablets

Pascoe's pH-balance Basentabs are ideal for those who suffer from high acidity, which can be the result of an imbalance of nutrients in the body, coupled with insufficient physical exercise and fresh air. Basentabs are designed to balance the acidity in the body. 

Product Notes:

This product uses alkaline salts to help achieve a proper equilibrium, using a 3:1 calcium/magnesium ratio to combat hyperacidity. The package comes with 21 pH test strips (replacement strips are also available).

Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80042671. These tablets are suitable for diabetics.


1 Tablet (= 560 mg) Contains:

Calcium carbonate: 201.7 mg
Sodium bicarbonate: 160 mg
Magnesium carbonate: 120 mg
Sodium phosphate, monobasic: 20 mg
Potassium bicarbonate: 20 mg
Zinc: 0.25 mg

Suggested Usage:

Take 2 to 4 tablets one to three times a day. The tablets should be taken with plenty of water. The amount can be adjusted according to the level of minerals and alkalinity required within the recommended doses.

The chart in the product photos illustrates how to use the pH test strips.


Do not use if you are pregnant or on a low salt diet. Individuals with kidney disease should not take this product except on the advice of a doctor.

Avoid taking any medications within two hours before or after taking this product; due to possible interactions, a time interval between the intake of ph-balance Pascoe and other medications could be necessary. Consult a health care practitioner if you are taking other medications.

Do not take for more than two weeks, or if symptoms recur, unless directed by a doctor.

Some people may experience diarrhoea.

UPC / Barcode: 4039343115139