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PB2 - Powdered Peanut Butter

PB2 - Powdered Peanut Butter

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Info: Available in 2 Flavours and Sizes

PB2 from Bell Plantation is made from slow roasted peanuts pressed into a fine powder that contains just 45 calories per 2 tablespoon serving -- as well as 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. PB2 is a deliciously healthy way to satisfy your peanut butter cravings any time of day!

Product Notes:

Whether you are spreading it on crackers, blending it in a shake, sprinkling it on yogurt, slathering it between two pieces of bread, or eating it right out of the jar, peanut butter is a classic pantry staple that never goes out of style! However, traditional peanut butter does have a high fat content and may be off-limits for those of us who are watching our waistlines. Powdered PB2 is a great way to enjoy peanut butter with less fat and fewer calories.

Bell Plantation also offers PB2 powdered peanut butter with chocolate for a decadent delight!

There are approximately 15 (2 Tbsp) servings per 6.5 oz container and approximately 38 (2 Tbsp) servings per 16 oz container.


Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Salt (regular variety); or Roasted Peanuts, Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Salt (for the With Chocolate type)

No additives, Kosher, Certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO

Suggested Usage:

Blend PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter or Powdered Peanut Butter with Chocolate in a 2:1 ratio with water. Start with two tablespoons of PB2 and blend with one tablespoon of water, stirring until smooth. Use more or less of this guilt-less, taste-bud tempting stuff as desired to satisfy your sweet-tooth. See the Bell Plantation website for scrumptious cooking and baking ideas.

Product Options:
PB2 6.5oz/184g - $7.99 - UPC: 850791002000
PB2 with Chocolate 6.5oz/184g - $7.99 - UPC: 850791002017
PB2 16oz/453.6g - $12.99 - UPC: 850791002352
PB2 with Chocolate 16oz/453g - $12.99 - UPC: 850791002376