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Prepworks Pepper Corer Duo, in three different colours

Prepworks - Pepper Corer Duo

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Info: Small and Large Size Corer; Comes in Several Colours

Green, red, and yellow peppers can make great additions to salads, pizzas, and other dishes or feature as entrées in their own right when stuffed, but sometimes the prep work can be a bit off-putting, to have to deal with carefully cutting down into and around the core and scraping away all the tiny seeds. Similarly, sometimes we may want to stuff jalapeño peppers, but you practically have to be a surgeon to try to carve out just the centre while leaving the rest intact. This Dynamic Duo by Progressive International tackles both jobs with alacrity.

Product Notes:

Each Pepper Corer Duo set consists of both a larger (about 2 inch diameter) corer for a variety of bell peppers or tomatoes, and a smaller 3/4" diameter one for jalapeños or chili peppers. Simply push them in (after removing the top, for jalepenos, either with a knife or the pointy tip of the corer), twist, and pull out to remove both the core and the seeds at once. They're made of durable nylon, which is dishwasher safe, and the larger one has slots to nestle the smaller one within it, for consolidated storage.

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Prepworks Pepper Corer Duo in Use
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