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Peri-Gum Mouthwash - Nature's Gum Solution

Peri-Gum Mouthwash - Nature's Gum Solution

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Info: 1 fl. oz. (Concentrated; Makes up to 90 oz)

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We'd all like to keep our teeth, and a key factor in maintaining oral health is healthy gums. Peri-Gum concentrated mouthwash fights gum problems naturally. It's clinically proven to significantly improve gingival health and reduce plaque - promoting healthier gums! Perigum is a concentrated formulation of herbal extracts and essential oils, each one known by herbal health authorities for their ability to improve oral health. Now combined for the first time to release their synergistic powers as Nature's Gum Solution.

Aviva Customer Review

I must tell you how happy I am with Peri-Gum.

By October of this year four of my teeth had fallen out in my hand. I was speaking with my sister who informed me she had started using Peri-Gum a year ago and now her gums were healed and they are growing back. “Didn’t I tell you?” she asks. No I said. My teeth have been bleeding for 40 years and nothing the Doctors did would stop it.

She gave me your number and I called that night. On October 15 I started using Peri-Gum and today Nov 15 my gums have not bled for 8 days. What a miracle. The Dentist said he will start working on my teeth to save the rest of them on Dec.1.

My gums have stopped bleeding and my teeth have tightened up enough for me to eat normal food with out pain. Toast is wonderful. I want to thank you and God for answering my prayers.

Lots of love and divine white light, Ada Marie

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What is Gum Disease? 

Although 3 out of 4 people over 35 have gum disease, most do not realize it because it often doesn't cause any noticeable symptoms in the mouth. Infection of the gums can go on for years without someone knowing it. The first detectable signs may be tenderness when brushing, some swelling, blood on the toothbrush, and redness of the gums instead of a healthy pink colour.

Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) is caused by plaque bacteria. If plaque is not removed, it grows and causes pockets between the teeth and gums. As the infection progresses the gums become more inflamed and bleed more. This is called periodontitis and can cause loss of teeth. The severity of periodontitis is measured by the depth of the pockets between the teeth and the gums.

Perigum: Proven Clinically Effective

A clinical study of PERI-GUM completed at a leading northeastern dental school research centre showed impressive results.  According to the study:

* PERI-GUM was clinically tested in a four week pilot study at a major northeastern university and was found to be safe to oral tissues.
* Gum and oral health were significantly improved by the end of the study as evaluated by measuring the reduction of gingival health scores and reduction of plaque.
* The reduction in gingival health scores was 20% and the reduction in plaque scores was 16%.

PERI-GUM by Lesko Care has also been successfully evaluated by consumer groups, National Health and Wellness Club and the Diabetes Resource Center, Inc.


7 Powerful Herbal Extracts and Essential Oils:
Echinacea extracts: immune system booster, antiseptic, antibacterial, and relieves pain.
Bloodroot: helps reduce plaque.
White Oak Bark: astringent, tightens gums, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic.
Bayberry: astringent, tightens gums, antiseptic, and stimulant.
Cayenne: fights infection, stimulates circulation to promote healing, and pain reliever.
Tea Tree Oil: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.
Peppermint Oil: stimulates circulation, antiseptic, aromatic, freshens breath.

In a base of water and vegetable glycerin.

Suggested Usage:

Peri-Gum is a mouthwash concentrate. It is to be diluted with water when used. Shake well before use.

If you have not used Peri-Gum before, begin by adding 5 drops to about half an ounce of water (enough to rinse your mouth). Vigorously work that mouthwash between your teeth and gums for at least 30 seconds (the longer the better). Gradually increase that ratio to up to 25 drops per half ounce (some people even use it straight out of the bottle, but this can be very 'hot').

Use at least twice a day, especially at bedtime, after completing the rest of your normal dental hygiene. Avoid eating and drinking for half an hour after use.


Do not swallow the mouthwash - always spit it out. Keep out of reach of children.

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