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Peruvian Harvest - Raw Organic Sprouted Quinoa

Peruvian Harvest - Raw Organic Sprouted Quinoa

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Info: 250g (8.82 oz) Packet of Grain

Quinoa is a great food with a nutty taste that isn't high in saturated fat but is full of vitamins and minerals that are co- factors for good health, and has amino acids for muscle growth and repair. But it can be very time consuming to prepare -- particularly if the seeds aren't already pre-rinsed several times to remove the bitter taste. These whole sprouted grains are easier to digest than regular quinoa,* and can either be eaten raw in salads (after reconstituting them in water) or cooked normally.

Product Notes:

* Sprouted quinoa is easier to digest since the enzymes released during the sprouting process breaks down many of its proteins and carbohydrates and neutralizes the phytic acid which serves to protect the seeds and lock in their nutrients.


Quinoa Grain. Made from select grain, cleaned and washed thoroughly, then sprouted and dried using their unique cold drying process to obtain a high nutritional product with all the natural nutrients intact. Non-GMO, Certified USDA Organic. Vegan, gluten-free. Contains no artificial ingredients, and there was no use of irradiation or high heat.

Suggested Usage:

Let the grains soak and then rinse them before cooking, to get a softer grain. Once rinsed, either add them raw to salads without further preparation, or put them in a saucepan and cover them in water and boil with the lid on for 10 to 15 minutes for soups, cereals, or other hot meals. It can also be added to desserts.

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