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Peugeot - Electric Salt or Pepper Mills

Peugeot - Electric Salt or Pepper Mills

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Info: Red Colour; Choose either Salt or Pepper Mill

Although Peugeot are now mainly known for designing and producing cars (including high end sports cars), they have been making various kinds of other tools and machinery since 1812, and were the first to make pepper mills for use at the table, back in 1874. These electric models have a motor built into the top which enable you to easily grind peppercorns or coarse salt with just the touch of the button on top, and are powered by 4 readily available AAA-size alkaline batteries. Their chambers are transparent, so you can see them in action and when to refill them, and they have a variable control wheel on the bottom, to set the grind level (from fine to coarse).

Product Notes:

Both models are in Strawberry Red, like the one shown on the left.
Diagram of how to install batteries in a Peugeot Zest mill

These mills are each about 7 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter, with a soft-touch finish. Their two-stage grinding mechanism is made of case-hardened steel which is designed to crack the peppercorns before the actual grinding process (in the pepper mill), and is specially treated to keep the teeth razor sharp and protect them from corrosion.

Installing the batteries: separate the motor block from the compartment (by twisting it clockwise and pulling straight up, as explained in Usage section). Remove the motor by pushing the clips on the inside with a pointed object, such as a pen. Place 4 AAA Alkaline batteries in the battery housing, paying attention to the correct orientation of the +/- polarity markings. Reassemble.

Suggested Usage:

Filling: Remove the motor block (top two-thirds) of the unit by twisting it slightly clockwise (so the arrow indicator over the transparent section moves from the locked to the unlocked padlock icons) and pulling up. Fill the salt or pepper compartment. Replace the motor block and twist it counter- clockwise 1/8 turn to the locked position.

For best results, use peppercorns with a diameter of 5mm or less.

To adjust the grind, turn the wheel located under the mechanism: Clockwise for a finer grind; Anti-clockwise for coarser grind.

Grinding: use the on/off button on top to activate it, but do not keep your finger on the on/off switch continuously: it's better to grind in short bursts.

Cleaning: Do not immerse the mill in liquid or put it in a dishwasher. Use only a soft dry cloth to clean it; do not use cleaning products or detergent. Do not use with wet hands. (So as not to drop it.)


The pepper mill is specifically designed to grind pepper; do not use it for salt or any other spice, not even 'pink pepper' or 'Fagara pepper' berries, which would tend to clog the mechanism.

Similarly, only use dry sea salt crystal in the salt grinder; do not use for pepper or any other spice, or with wet sea salt or flowers of salt (e.g. Guérande, Ré, Malton, or pink salt).

Keep the mill(s) in a dry place away from heat or damp or icy conditions.

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