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Philips - goLITE BLU Energy Light HF3431
Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light in use

Philips - goLITE BLU Energy Light HF3431

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Info: 1 Rechargeable SAD Lamp

Shipping Included in Canada. Need to beat the winter blues? Lack of energy keeping you down? The goLITE BLU Energy Light from Philips helps you feel more energetic throughout the day in a natural way.

This clinically proven advance in light technology may be just what the doctor ordered. Completely safe and easy to use, the goLITE BLU from Philips is an amazing and convenient way to increase your energy and help beat the winter blues. As effective as a 10,000 lux white light, this UV-free, rechargeable compact lamp uses a clear and natural blue light that mimics a beautiful summer sky. The goLITE BLU has been proven to increase energy levels and help elevate your mood.

Product Notes:

Transcription below. The light featured in this video is
a previous version of the goLITE BLU. 

• Long lasting LEDs
• Five light intensities
• Rechargeable (corded and cordless use)
• Includes protective pouch

The natural power of blue light

• Specific blue light, like a clear sunny sky, helps you feel more energetic and alive whenever you need it
• Safe to use, 100% UV-free light

Comfortable and easy to use:

• Use for just 15-45 minutes per day to experience results
• Place goLITE BLU within your field of vision - no need to look directly into the light

Proven results

• Independent research shows 70% of users felt their energy levels improve after 2 weeks
• Clinically proven to fight winter blues and increase energy levels

Comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty in the USA and Canada.

Philips HF3431/60 Lamp Specs

Power adapter: 10W / Voltage: 100/240 V / Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Lifetime: 10,000 hours
Cordlength: 180 cm
Product Dimensions: 14.3 x 14.3 x 3.5 cm
Weight: 0.4 kg

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Dan Adams, a Senior Application Scientist for Philips. One of the most important discoveries with light is that our eyes respond best to the blue of the summer sky. In the wintertime, and especially when we're indoors, we don't get very much of this light, which is why our mood and our energy can suffer.

This goLITE BLU is specifically designed to replenish the essential blue light that our bodies need to feel active and energetic. You can use the goLITE BLU energy light as a light bath for the winter blues.

Let me just turn it on and show you how it works. The best time for most people is going to be in the morning time, preferably right when they wake up. If you find it difficult for example, to get up each day without an alarm clock or you oversleep, then you should use the goLITE BLU within the first hour or so after waking up.

But if you find it difficult to stay awake in the late evening and you wake up too early in the morning, you need to use the goLITE BLU in the evening time, before you start to feel drowsy, or right after dinner, for example.

Now if mornings or evenings do not seem to be the problem, but you feel generally tired during the daytime, then you can use the goLITE BLU at anytime because the timing is not necessarily important.

You can use it in the morning or you can use it in midday. But don't use the goLITE BLU too late in the evening time, because if you use it within two hours of trying to go to bed, it may disrupt your sleep.

So place the goLITE BLU at approximately arm's length from your eyes, in such a way that it bathes your face from the side. Now as you can see, I don't need to look directly into the light, but I make sure that it is flooding my face or bathing my face with light.

You can eat, you can read, you can watch TV, or you can even exercise while using the goLITE BLU. Now for the best results, you want to place the goLITE BLU at the same level as about your midriff area or your stomach area. Place it on the table at which you're sitting.

Most people get beneficial results from using the goLITE BLU from about 15 to 45 minutes a day, and you can start using the goLITE BLU at medium intensity. If you don't feel a response within the first week, then you can just increase the intensity a little bit.

So if you lack energy during the daytime, you can use the goLITE BLU at anytime to directly improve your alertness.

UPC / Barcode: 075020045065