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Pilot's Friend Drink Can

Pilots Friend - Organic Energy Drink - Fruit Tonic

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150 ml Resealable Cans - In Store Only

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Sometimes we need a little lift - without risking a crash. Pilots Friend was developed in Italy over a decade ago to help active duty jet pilots maintain a high degree of alertness, concentration and performance using only all-natural ingredients which won't impose risks of causing a sugar crash, or running afoul of professional drug-testing, or suffering the adverse effects sometimes associated with coffee or highly caffeinated beverages. 

Product Notes:

Pilots Friend isn't just an energy drink: it's also a tonic, both for digestion, to accompany a heavy meal (featuring several types of fruits and herbs found in many digestive bitters formulations - but without their alcohol!), and even for hangovers, featuring several types of vitamin-C and antioxidant rich juices. Best consumed chilled, it's so effective, you may not even need to drink the whole thing at once, so it comes with a resealable cap so you can save the rest for later.

100% Natural Ingredients:

Spring water, apple juice concentrate*, cane sugar, black carrot juice concentrate, chokeberry juice concentrate*, lemon juice concentrate*, acerola extract*, kola nut extract*, great yellow gentian extract, quinine extract, natural orange extract*, ginger extract, guarana extract*, cardamom extract*, natural flavours, carbonated water.* = Organically grown ingredients

Crafted to Perfection

Organic. Vegan. GMO-Free. Contains no: preservatives, taurine, or artificial sweeteners or flavours.


Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women, due to the high natural caffeine content (56 mg per single serving). Also not recommended for diabetics or people sensitive to quinine.