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PL8 - Professional Cubing Mandoline
main carriage of PL8 Professional Cubing Mandoline, in different positions

PL8 - Professional Cubing Mandoline

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Info: In Black, with Stainless Steel Deck & Legs

S&H included in Canada. Your friends and relations may already think you're an artist in the kitchen, but wait'll they see your Cubist period! In addition to being able to quickly and easily being able to turn out perfectly even slices of fruits or vegetables in four different thicknesses, or two types of julienne cuts (including one for traditional straight french fries), the Professional Cubing Mandoline by Progressive International enables you to produce either small or large cubes, in no time at all.

Product Notes:

Unlike many units which require you to pull out and exchange different sets of blade assemblies for the different types of cuts, both the straight slicing blades and the cubing blades are stored and recessed within the deck of this large unit, and you activate or adjust them simply by sliding or turning up to three knobs.

Dimensions: the deck is nearly 16 inches long, by over 5 inches across, and about 2 inches deep, not including the nearly 2-1/2 inches high food/hand guard assembly, and the nearly 5-1/2 inch high back legs with the silicone non-skid feet.

Suggested Usage:

Simply fold out the legs (which collapse for easier storage and for cleaning on the dishwasher); clip the clear food slicing guide onto the side rail; adjust the first knob away from the locked position to the desired thickness level; then click the middle switch to either thin or thick julienne slices; or the right hand knob for either smaller or larger cubes; then either put the food (with pre-trimmed/flattened ends) in the flipped down slicing guard (if it's small enough to fit within it), or on the deck, and pivot the guard down onto it (if it's too long to fit within); then lower the big hand guard knob onto it; and pull the hand guard back and forth to slice or julienne the food (and tightening the hand guard knob a quarter turn or so each time, if making cubes), while grasping the large handle on between the back legs with your other hand.

UPC / Barcode: 078915052575