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PodoWell Shoes - The Alvine

PodoWell Shoes - The Alvine

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Info: Limited Selection Remaining; only in Black or Beige

Info: Limited Selection Remaining; only in Black or Beige

PodoWell's line of shoes offer ease during recovery or for anyone with sensitive and sore feet. Made of flexible, lightweight material, they are wide fitting and easy to slip on, perfectly suited to support post operative swelling and bandages. The Alvine are lightweight, summery shoes, which are washable. They can be worn by either men or women.

Product Notes:

two black and beige color schemes for the PodoWell Alvine

Sizing: The equivalence between the Unisex European sizes and the standard U.S. men's or women's sizes for our remaining stock is as follows:

- Unisex 42 = Men's 9 / Women's 11
- Unisex 43 = Men's 10 / Women's 12
- Unisex 44 = Men's 11 / Women's 13

About PodoWell Shoes

The preferred supplier of orthopedic footwear to healthcare professionals! Since 1930, PodoWell has been designing orthopedic footwear to help people with painful foot sensitivities experience more comfort and ease. PodoWell offers a selection of easy to slip on, super light weight, wide-fitting flexible shoes appropriate for in and out door wear. Their washable footwear is ideal for patients suffering from ulceration, neuropathy or edema.

The PodoWell Line are hardwearing, slip resistant shoes made with soft textiles and an anti-bacterial finish that will keep you comfortable and your shoes odour free.


Please note we are only able to ship footwear orders within Canada.

Product Options:
Beige, Size 42 European - $130.00
Beige, Size 44 European - $130.00
Black, Size 44 European - $130.00