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The Pomegranate Tool
Pomegranate Tool Parts, and showing it in use

The Pomegranate Tool

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Info: 3-Piece Device for Easily Extracting Pomegranate Seeds; Limited Stock Remaining

Quick, clean, and easy. With this tool designed specifically for the task, you simply cut the pomegranate in half; place a half onto the grid suspended above the collection bowl; cover it with the dome top; then bop the dome with a large spoon or ice cream scoop. The seeds will fall out through the screen grid and into the bowl, which you can then use to eat out of or for further preparation.

Product Notes:

Fresh pomegranates have many health benefits, but they require a bit of prep work. Unlike many fruits or vegetables, it's actually the seeds you want to consume, especially initially; the pulp which holds the arils is actually quite bitter and unpalatable. (Although the inner pulp along with the peel can be saved, dried, turned into a powder, and then reconstituted with water for gargling with, to reduce coughs or throat irritations.)

But it can be quite tricky and messy to try to scrape out the pomegranate seeds with a spoon, which is why Shoham brought this specialized device to market.

The three parts of The Pomegranate Tool are made of a BPA-free plastic material, and are dishwasher safe.

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Instructions for use of the Pomegranate Tool
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