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Prairie Naturals - Moroccan Moon Argan Serum

Prairie Naturals - Moroccan Moon Argan Serum

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Info: 120 ml (4 fl oz) Dropper Bottle

This Deep Hydration and Smoothing Argan Serum is a key pillar of a new Moroccan Moon product line from Prairie Naturals designed to produce smooth, silky hair. They feature Argan Oil, which is extracted from the nuts of argan trees (native to Morocco), which can not only moisturize, nourish and strengthen hair, but also soften it (even men's beards!) and makes it less frizzy and more manageable. The Moroccan Moon Argan Smoothing Serum is an antioxidant-rich leave-in treatment that nourishes and fortifies the hair with a luxurious blend of Argan with Olive and Jojoba Oils. It absorbs immediately to enhance the hair's manageability and improve its texture and shine without leaving residue.


Argan oil, dimethiconol, isopropyl myristate, jojoba oil, natural fragrance of ginger and coconut, olive oil, polyglyceryl-8 esters.

Suggested Usage:

First shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Then apply a small amount of the Moroccan Moon Argan Serum on your hands; rub hands together, and massage evenly throughout the hair. This ccan be done either when the hair is still damp, or when dry. Repeat as desired. Style.
UPC / Barcode: 067953011491