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Pranarom - Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Pranarom - Organic Sweet Almond Oil

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Info: 50 ml Amber Glass Bottle

Bottle of Pranarom Organic Sweet Almond Oil

This 100% natural vegetable oil is a rich emollient that's ideal for helping dry skin become softer and more radiant when used as a night cream (some also recommend it for reducing the dark circles or bags under the eyes). It can also be used to relieve itching, inflammation, and irritation; or to remove makeup; or as a great carrier oil to blend with aromatic essential oils for a soothing massage -- all in complete safety.

Product Notes:

Pranarom Organic Sweet Almond Oil is light yellow in colour, and as the name suggests, has a sweet, nutty fragrance (a light one), and has been certified as proceeding from organic farming. It has the lowest possible risk ranking on the EWG Cosmetics Database, and won't irritate even sensitive skin (except possibly if you're allergic to the Rosaceae family).


Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, Tocopherol.

Suggested Usage:

To use as a carrier oil for an aromatic massage, combine one or two drops of essential oil scents with 5 to 10 ml of Sweet Almond Oil, apply it to the desired area, and gently massage.

Keep away from children, and away from heat and direct light.

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