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Pranin Organic - PureFood C (Amla & Moringa)
Pranin Organic - PureFood C (Amla & Moringa)

Pranin Organic - PureFood C (Amla & Moringa)

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Info: 42 g Powder (one-month supply)

Of course, there are many types of supplements available to ensure you get your daily Vitamin C requirement, but few of them are made entirely from 100% organic, non-GMO, plant-based food. This vegan product is made from Moringa leaves and Amla berries (also known as Indian gooseberries), which are not only extremely rich in Vitamin C (a 1.4 g scoop provides 690% of the daily requirement) but also furnish all the cofactors your body's cells need to absorb and use that Vitamin C most effectively.

Product Notes:

Vitamin C is such an important nutrient: it not only helps develop and maintain our bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums (we'd develop scurvy without it!), but also supports our immune system (while it may not prevent colds, it may shorten their duration, if it's being taken before the onset), and is an important antioxidant, protecting against the negative effects of free-radicals and fat oxidization, which can lead to diseases.


Certified organic Amla berries & Moringa leaves.

Does not contain any synthetic nutrients, binders, fillers, or common allergens such as dairy, corn, gluten, yeast, or soy.

Suggested Usage:

Blend one scoop (1.4 g) into water, juice, or smoothie once per day. Refrigerate after opening.

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