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Diva Blue 211 Prefilter
Buff Yellow 211 Prefilter
Crystal Pink 211 Prefilter
Dark Shadow 211 Prefilter
Lunar Rock 211 Prefilter
Array of all 5 Prefilter Colors for the Blueair 211
the five colours of Blue Pure 211 Fabric Prefilters, stretched over Air Filters

Blueair - Pre-Filter for the BLUE Pure 211/211+

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Info: Available in Several Colours

The Blueair BLUE Pure 211+ Air Purifiers are outfitted with a stretchable fabric pre-filter around their air filter, to catch larger particles in order to extend the life of that main filter.

Product Notes:

BLUE Pure prefilters can last a long time -- just vacuum them gently or put them in a washing machine, when they need cleaning -- but eventually they begin to look a bit frayed. Or you may also want to change the look of your machine by switching to a different colour, as the seasons change, or to match a different room

These 211 prefilters come in five colours, and can be put on very quickly. They fit on both the Pure 211+ and the original Pure 211 models.

Product Options:
Diva Blue - $11.99
Crystal Pink - $11.99
Lunar Rock - $11.99
Dark Shadow - $11.99
Buff Yellow - $11.99