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PRESTO Pizzazz Plus
PRESTO Pizzazz Plus in use cooking pizza
PRESTO Pizzazz Plus in use several kinds of food
PRESTO Pizzazz Plus heating element

PRESTO - Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

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Craving a pizza baked to perfection with a personal customized finish?  Presto's Pizzazz Plus prepares pizzas from fresh and frozen with thin or rising crust in about the same time it'd take to preheat a standard oven. It also keeps your kitchen cooler and saves up to 60% of the energy costs in the bargain, compared to conventional ovens. The removable non-stick rotating tray offers easy clean up and storage.

Suggested Usage:

The top and bottom elements are controlled separately, which allows for different temperatures to provide either soft or crispy to extra crispy crusts as desired, while the toppings stay bubbly and hot without burning. It is recommended for pizzas from seven to twelve inches in diameter.

Place the food of your choice including: pizza, pizza rolls, egg rolls, cinnamon rolls, cookies, chicken nuggets or wings, jalapeno poppers and mozza sticks or make quesadillas and grill-style sandwiches on the continuously rotating tray and enjoy an evenly cooked hot treat in mere minutes.


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