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High Island Health - Pro-State Prostate Massagers

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For over 10 years, men all over the world have used the Pro-State to alleviate prostate conditions, rejuvenate sexual performance, and to maintain overall lower pelvic health. Powered by a patented hands-free mechanism, the Pro-State massagers by High Island Health are precisely and anatomically designed to allow you to safely and effectively self-administer a gentle prostate massage in the comfort of your own home.

Product Notes:

Made of FDA approved impact resistant, non-porous plastic. High Island Health's line of Pro-State prostate massagers have improved the lives of thousands men around the world.

The PS 2 is the smallest prostate massager we offer. It has a well-balanced shape and shorter perineal acupressure arm.

The PS New is our flagship prostate massager. It has a long body with 2 nodules on the end for direct contact on the prostate. The ridges add stability and the fixed perineal acupressure arm provides an external massage.

The PS X is the newest addition to the Pro-State family. It features a large, bulbous head which is more sharply angled for increased pivoting action. The result is more direct contact on the prostate for an effective prostate massage.

If you are suffering from a prostate disorder like prostatitis, BPH, have to frequently use the bathroom or are simply looking to promote a healthy prostate, then prostate massage may be a viable alternative to conventional treatments like antibiotics and surgery.

The Pro-State massager was invented as a tool for self massage of the prostate and perineum through use of the sphincter muscle. The Pro-State's innovative, patented design provides for the simultaneous application of pressure to both the prostate and perineum using your body's natural contractions of the sphincter for an effective prostate massage. Within the anus, the anal sphincter accurately guides the Pro-State towards the prostate gland, while the perineum abutment pushes up against the perineum. Prostate massage is most effective when pressure is applied simultaneously to both of these areas.

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