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Pure - Pure Safe-Shell Bottle Lids
interior of Flat Transparent Tritan Lid for Pure Safe-Shell Bottle
side view of Flat Transparent Tritan Lid for Pure Safe-Shell Bottle
Flat Clear Tritan Lid for Pure Safe-Shell Bottle

Pure - Pure Safe-Shell Bottle Lids

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Info: Large Diameter Screw-On Lids Designed for the Pure brand of Safe-Shell Water Bottles; Available in 4 Colours for Standard Lids, or in a Clear Flat-Topped Version

a Pure Safe-Shell Water Bottle with a standard lid

With interchangeable BPA-free lids for the Pure Safe-Shell bottles like the one shown here, you can change colours to match your mood, or keep a couple of extras around in case you don't have time to clean the same one every day. You can also get a flat transparent lid (without a drinking spout or handle) for easy transportation of liquids lid without the handle.

Product Notes:

The four coloured lids are the standard design for this bottle: with two sections -- with the top portion tipping up on a hinge to reveal the spout when you want to drink, and locking closed when you don't (activated by the position of the handle) -- and a silicone plug butting up against the spout area when it's closed to prevent leakage. They come in a choice of four colours.

The transparent, spoutless flat-top lid is perfect for those times you need to turn your Pure Safe-Shell water bottle into a transportation container for liquids, such as when you're going on a picnic, or just to keep in the car for emergencies. It is made of durable Eastman Tritan, a strong BPA-free plastic that's completely safe for contact with food.

This flat lid is 7/8" (2.2 cm) high in its exterior (as shown in the third, side-view photo), and fits the Pure Safe-Shell bottle, which has a 2.6" diameter base. The interior of the lid is 6 cm in diameter, and is 2 cm deep up to the seal, and has a coarse thread. Of course, it may fit other types of bottles with the same dimensions as the original Pure bottle.

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Flat Clear Tritan Lid - $3.99
White - $5.99
Pink - $5.99
Blue - $5.99
Green - $5.99