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Pure Hydration - Insulated Multi-Use Water Bottle

Pure Hydration - Insulated Multi-Use Water Bottle

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Info: Available in 2 Remaining Styles, in the 500 ml Size

Info: Available in 2 Remaining Styles, in the 500 ml Size

It's important to stay hydrated wherever you go, but if you're on the go a lot, in all kinds of weather, you might find you'd need a whole 'fleet' of water bottles cluttering up your cupboards or packs, to be able to keep liquids hot, cool, or ice cold, or to be able to brew loose leaf tea in the bottle, or infuse water with nutrients and tastes from slices of fresh fruits or vegetables. Well, the stylish Pure Hydration Tri-Ply Multi-Use Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles can do all that, and for a good long time. These bottles are tough, durable, and triply insulated, so they can keep liquids hot for up to 9 hours, or cold for up to 36, without leaking, sweating, or feeling hot or cold to the touch.

Product Notes:

diagram of Tri-Ply Pure Hydration Bottle layers and features

Safer. Durable. Easy to Clean.

The first Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle on the market.

Tri-Ply Layers

Layer 1: An inner stainless steel layer. This type of top quality 18/8 stainless steel is extremely durable, has no taste transfer, and is safe for food and drink.

Layer 2: A coating of copper that helps to insulate (but never comes in contact with) the contents of the bottle.

Layer 3: One more layer the same as the first, high grade stainless steel. The air between the two walls of steel is removed to form a vacuum. This is what allows the temperature to stay constant for extended periods of time.

The PureHydration bottle colours/styles are listed in the ordering menu in the order they appear in the photo, from left to right, although the photo includes one in the smaller (350ml) size.

The dimensions of each bottle with its top on are: about 11-1/3 inches high and 3-1/3" in diameter for the 800 ml bottle, and slightly over 9-3/4" high and about 3" in diameter for the 500 ml bottle. Their drinking spouts, which are under the screwed on stainless steel cap, are wide: about 1 inch in diameter.


the Removable Stainless Steel Ice or Fruit Infuser for top of Pure Hydration bottles, and Removable Stainless Steel Infusing Basket which goes into their core

The bottles are made of 18/8 Stainless Steel, inside and out (with a copper inner layer and a vacuum center, in-between), and are BPA and BPS free.

Each bottle comes equipped with two types of removable Stainless Steel infusers or strainers to enable you to add ice or pieces of vegetables or fruit to your water or other liquids to chill them or imbue them with nutrients, without having them pour out while you drink: 1) an Ice/Fruit Infuser, which can clip right into the top of the bottle to keep ice or larger pieces of fruit or seeds in the bottle and prevent them from blocking the drinking spout; and, 2) a Covered Infusing Basket, which can be inserted into the core of the bottle to enable you to infuse water the water with herbs, loose tea, or smaller pieces or fruit, while keeping them trapped in the basket until you remove and rinse it out, later.

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