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pureAir - FRIDGE, Refrigerator Purification Device
pureAir - FRIDGE, Refrigerator Purification Device
pureAir - FRIDGE, Refrigerator Purification Device

pureAir - FRIDGE, Refrigerator Purification Device

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Tired of fruits or vegetables acquiring or emitting off-putting odors if you don't stay on top of them? By using advanced activate oxygen and ionization technology similar to this company's pureWash Pro laundry system, the PureAir FRIDGE will not only reduce the amount of ethylene gas being released by decaying food which contributes to the odors, but also destroy much of the bacteria and other contaminants actually causing the odors. It can even neutralize pesticides! It runs on a rechargeable battery, which will alert you when it needs charging (but only if the fridge door is opened or the fridge light is on).

Product Notes:

A great way to stay healthy is to eat fresh produce, but one deterrent to that is how quickly store-bought fruit and vegetables seem to wilt or acquire odors in the fridge. While the low tech solution -- boxes of baking soda -- can help a little by absorbing some odors in their immediate vicinity, they're only effective if you remember to stir them up and change them out regularly.

The pureAir FRIDGE does so much more, by neutralizing many of the factors which actually cause the odors, in their tracks, including mold and mildew and bacteria such as E-coli and Staphylococcus. And unlike those old boxes of baking soda buried in the back of the fridge, it will actually tell you when it needs refreshing... in this case, every few weeks, when its battery needs recharging (via a USB port in a computer or the same types of adapters you charge your mobile phones with), there will be an LED light and a pleasant-sounding notification alarm. (But that will only happen if the fridge door is opened, since there is a photosensor on that notification circuit.)

Performance Capacity:
Effective for an area up to 17.7 cubic feet

3.44" H x 2.875" W x 2.875" D
(87.4 x 73 x 73 mm)
(smaller than a regular soda can)
Weight: 6.35 oz (180g)

Operates on a 5V DC Lithium-Ion Battery
2800mA Hours
Battery Life between Charges: 18-24 Days
Charging Cable included, with USB / Micro connectors
Charging takes about 4 hours.

Ozone output: 3 mg/hour

1 Year Limited Warranty

UPC Code: 817556020273