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pureAir SPORT - Air Purifier & Odor Killer

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Info: 1 Rechargeable Deodorizing Device

Neutralize the smells in your workout bag and other small spaces with pureAir SPORT - just turn it on and place it in.

Info: 1 Rechargeable Deodorizing Device

Neutralize the smells in your workout bag and other small spaces with pureAir SPORT - just turn it on and place it in.

Product Notes:

Whether you're a weekend warrior, a committed athlete, or a parent of school-age children, you know that gym bags and sports equipment can develop powerful odors that are difficult to eradicate, especially if damp items are not removed right away. Instead of resorting to chemical sprays which leave a sickly smell to mask the problem, try this convenient and powerful high-tech solution that actually works.

Negative Ions and Activated Oxygen

Don't just mask offensive odors: eliminate them and the bacteria that cause them, with the powerful oxidizers generated by the pureAir SPORT.  It uses the same two types of advanced technology found in GreenTech Environmental's pureWash Pro laundry system and their PureAir FRIDGE Purification Device, to pull odoriferous particles away and to destroy the sweat-based bacteria, and other contaminants that actually cause the odors and foster the mold and mildew growth: ionization and activated oxygen.

The first emits a continuous stream of negative ions into the immediate area, which bind themselves to the particles in the air, so they become more likely to attach themselves to any positively charged surfaces nearby. The second is also known as ozone (O3) – a gas composed of three oxygen atoms which is highly reactive, giving it the ability to break down the chemicals and bacteria it comes into contact with.

Greentech Environmental also offers a range of other similar pureAir ozone generators and ionization devices for a variety of spaces and applications.


The pureAir SPORT is very easy to use: after charging it like your phone, simply press the Power button on the bottom of the front face for a moment until it beeps and the green lights come on; then press the Timer button between from one to four times, depending on how many hours you want it to run (a a green light will come on to indicate each of the number of times/hours selected). Then just toss it into main compartment of the open bag, with the clothes still in it if desired (as long as they're not too wet). The pureAir Sport will shut itself off after the allotted time.

Features and Performance Parameters:

This device is designed to kill the smells in gym bags or duffel bags (or even diaper bags!), but can also be used for other small spaces (best unoccupied) or equipment. It's great for closets, beer or picnic coolers, storage chests, hunting equipment, lockers, hockey bags, pup tents, dog houses, and vehicles. Stinky work truck? RV/camper smelling a bit off? The pureAir SPORT can help.

Output - Personal Ozone Generator: 50 mg/hour.


6.0 inches H x 2.125" W x 2.25" D  (or 15.24 x 5.4 x 5.7 cm)
Weight: 8.0 oz (227g)


Operates on a 3.7V DC, 5,000 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery.
Charging Cable included, with USB / Micro connectors. Simply connect it to a powered USB outlet.
Charging takes about 8 hours on a 1A USB outlet, or 4 hours on a 2 Amp.
Charging Indicator and Progress Lights: A flashing blue light indicates it is charging, and when all four charging lights turn solid blue, it is fully charged.
Operation Time between charges: 4 Hours.

For especially stubborn odors (like if you forgot to take out the wet clothes and air a bag out for a whole week or more), the unit can also be set to continuous operation - just leave the pureAir SPORT turned on inside the bag for about 8 hours connected to a USB power source.

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Download the pureAir SPORT Owner's Manual [PDF].

Looking for more information about ozone machines? Read Ozone and its Role in Air Purification [PDF] from GreenTech Environmental CEO Allen Johnston.