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PureCare - Frio Pillow Protector
PureCare - Frio Pillow Protector
PureCare - Frio Pillow Protector

PureCare - Frio Pillow Protector

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Info: Made in Three Sizes;  Sorry, This Item is Temporarily Unavailable

For advanced protection from moisture, allergens, and heat build-up these Frio Pillow Protectors really deliver. They not only feature the Air Xchange Micro Filtration technology exclusive to PureCare (which enables accumulated warmth to vent out of the other parts out of the pillow you're not lying on, without letting contaminants in), but also a new type of rapid chill cooling fiber integrated right into the OmniGuard Advance lightweight performing fabric, which is also infused with antibacterial silver.

Product Notes:

Not only do these pillow protectors screen bedbugs, allergens, and dust mites out of the pillows and have a waterproof barrier to prevent the pillow from getting damaged or building up mold and mildew, but they also dissipate heat incredibly well.


  • Works with any type of pillow (including down, gel, latex, or memory foam), without altering their feel or comfort.
  • 360° Moisture Protection.
  • Conforms to strict Class 1 medically recommended allergen standards.
  • FRíO® Rapid Chill Cooling Fibers - a micarex-based responsive textile combining nylon, nano-technology, and mica minerals - disperse heat 5 times faster than regular polyester.
  • MiteTight® Seams and Locking Zippers complete the physical barrier.
  • OmniGuard® Advance Lightweight Performance Fabric.
  • 5 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects.

Care Instructions:

Wash and dry on HOT settings.

Product Options:
Standard - $45.99 - UPC: 616639001808
Queen - $49.99 - UPC: 616639001792
King - $54.99 - UPC: 616639001785