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a Queen and King Sized PureCare Plush Down Light Pillow
one side of PureCare Plush Down Light Pillow, showing cover
Front of package for King Sized PureCare Plush Down Light Pillow
the filling for PureCare Plush Light Down Pillow & description of its treatment
Diagram of layered, chambered construction of PureCare Plush Down pillows

PureCare - PureCare Plush Down Light Pillow with Antibacterial Silver

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Info: Available in Queen (only 1 remaining) or King Size

If you're prone to allergies - but not to feathers or down, per se, particularly when the pillow is new - and love the soft, conforming feel of a genuine down pillow (which is perfect for stomach sleepers), the PureCare Plush Down pillow is a terrific option. PureCare not only cleanses their premium white down and feathers with a unique Ultra-Fresh ozonation and antibacterial process to make them hypoallergenic to begin with, but also integrates the advanced features of many of their pillow protectors right into the pillow's design to lock dust mites and other allergens out - to keep them that way.

Product Notes:

The pillow itself is filled with both soft and fluffy down, for the comfort; and with feathers, for support: which are placed into a chamber in the middle of the pillow, which has an inner lining to lock the feathers in and keep everything else out - including the down. This is a 'Light' as opposed to a Standard fill pillow, meaning it is only about 6 inches deep.

The cover is a combination of bamboo rayon and cotton dobby fabric infused with antimicrobial silver ions, with sealed seams and locking zippers, which is not only soft and lush to the touch and can help keep your head cool and dry, but also combats, resists and repels multiple sorts of allergens.


  • Antimicrobial silver ions inhibit bacteria, mold and mildew that cause deterioration, stains, odors*
  • Chambered white down and feathers
  • Bamboo rayon/cotton dobby cover keeps your head dry and cool
  • MiteTight Seams ensure allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs don't penetrate
  • Locking zippers
  • Five year manufacturer's warranty

* Silver has at least four powerful effects on bacteria: impeding their nutrient intake; prohibiting their respiration; destabilizing their cell membranes; and inhibiting their cell division.


Chambered Layers of Feathers and White Down: To ensure a soft and smooth sleep surface, the unique chambered construction in PureCare Plush Pillows features an inner layer of feathers to provide structural support, surrounded above and below by layers of soft down, with each layer encased in a down-proof fabric.

Cover: the cover is created from bamboo rayon. Biodegradable bamboo fibers naturally resist bacteria, and can aid in a more hypoallergenic pillow. The bamboo fiber is then treated with antibacterial silver ions, which locate and deactivate bacteria on contact, while suppressing the growth of dust mites, allergens, fungi and odors. This cover is also bed bug proof.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash at 40C/105F. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not bleach or dry clean.

Product Options:
Queen (19" x 29") (only 1 remaining) - $134.99
King (19" x 35") - $154.99